Open to being whole

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A Seeker - I am in a new relationship but although there are many positive things I have moments of fear and uncertainty. Can you tell me what this is about? Dear bright light, I should not be telling you what your truth is, but sometimes one little word helps to unlock a great deal [...]

Asking about medication effects when a person is dying

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Dearest guides – when a person passes over and is on a lot of medication or is perhaps in a state of delirium or advanced dementia, how does this impact on the person when he/she leaves their body? Does it take a bit longer for the individual to clearly understand what has transpired and do [...]

Where are you in your own growth?

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“Thinking” writes:    I am writing as I am in a tumultuous time mentally and physically, and I desperately need some advice or assurance. I ask that you help reflect back to me my strengths and purpose that I possess in this life time, and how they can be best used to benefit myself and [...]