Seeking a partner and the positive energy of love


For many people who are waiting and searching for a partner to come into one’s life, do you have any advice on that?

Often times in the waiting, there is a limitation. For in waiting they feel that they must not be first in line; that they must be subservient to something else, or someone else and this often impedes the very issue of finding a love.

In order to open that place in your life to draw in, whether they be through a promise or the simple act of just loving, you must make room in your life for this.  You mustn’t always fill the space up with one excuse or reason why they aren’t there.

You live in a time when there are so many theories and so many right and wrong rules.  These place limitations on the natural flow.  The positive energy of love draws in the positive energy of love.  Inquisitive beings that seek to find and just simply experience the joy of finding another being will find them… but not if they feel that they are not acceptable. This is not the conscious mind saying often we are not good enough.  That somewhere, in that amazing, magical mystery of the mind and body, they have absorbed an understanding that they are not right, or good, or perfect, or have some sort of problems that would cause them not to have love.

How does one move forward and heal this?

By first of all, standing in it and feeling it and understanding that they have a choice. They have chosen to do this.  Often times they are not aware that this is occurring.  They need to step out of their life and witness it, to see it from a distance, all of the actions and choices they have made with a clear, un-judgmental mind.  It is only then they can truly own all that has occurred.

You cannot change it if you do not own it first.  In this process, you have so many ways of great therapists and counsellors in your world but it does not need to follow that route.  It can be a simple walk in an afternoon of understanding who you be and what you have done.  Take into account of what you have chosen; not in judgment or anger, but in love.  And only in love can you then change and grow.

Say to yourself: I shall make room in my life for that love.  I was in such pain I did not want that room to be empty so I filled it up with many issues and victims and difficulties and very busyness.  But I now love my being and accept my being wholly and completely and am willing to make a space open to welcome a love that I can give and receive love in.

You see, many beings meet each other, each playing a different role pretending to be something they are not and that never lasts.  And such disappointment and then an angry wall builds up and then you fill this room up and there is not a space for another being to enter.

So to those many beings that are seeking the love, I say: Be still.  When you meet another being, be still, eye to eye.  Do not fill the air with needs and wants and expectations, but simply see the other person in the whole of all of what they be, in the glory of who they are created to be in this world with you. For in this moment the two of you share it is just the two of you.  Don’t rush past this moment, but be in it, embrace it.

One or another will find something to speak of and speak of that.  Hopefully, it won’t be of a need, or an expectation, or a demand.  Oh, how we hear so much of demands when all they want to say is “I am sorry, I love you, forgive me, join me in this place, so sorry.”  We have heard this many times.  Blessings to all.

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