Beings trapped between lifetimes consider themselves still alive

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A guide explains the difference between spirit guides and beings between lives I’ve felt the guides'  presence for many years. I want to ask about a night when I went to sleep after what felt like an eternity, and then as I awoke I heard them loud and clear. Was it a message? I’d like [...]

How to make a strong connection with your spirit guides

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Who is my guide and how do I make the connection to get the help I need? Well these beings have quite a problem giving out names because they’ve had so many. And they might give you a name that doesn’t portray who they truly feel they want to be known as. And some names, [...]

You will never falter if you stand in love

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A guide talks about psychic development What specific education on psychic development do I need? None. Absolutely none. Trust in yourself. Breathe deeply of every moment. For each experience in your day is an opportunity, a deep well to learn from. Drink deep from your life. You in your mindset limit yourself by feeling you [...]

How we can affect our world

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We spoke to the guides about global warming and how our world is going to be left, with the corporations so much in control. Here's our discussion: We feel so powerless to change things. There are entire civilizations that have crumbled and grew again. It’s hard for you to understand now, but you have seen them [...]

Build a wall of love

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Wondering one writes: I would like the guides’ advice about how the western world, and we as individuals, should deal with the brutality, violence and apocalyptic goals of the ISIS movement in the Middle East. Their beheadings, burning alive of the Jordanian pilot, their smashing and destruction of ancient artifacts and their goals of spurring [...]

Remembering dreams…

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Stephanie, Hi, I want to know why I don’t dream or if I do, don’t remember my dreams? I have been meditating and truly trying to live in the present moment on my spiritual journey. Everyone always talks about their dreams and visions but I never seem to have them. I also have a hard time [...]

Seek the energy of the highest

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Adrian - Greetings, I want to ask you about spirit guides, helpers, beings; from higher realms. Realms like Holy Kingdom, Resia, Oranath and Monequis.   A few people work with guides/beings like angels, fairies, dragons, genies, unicorns etc. from these higher realms. I know that is not very common for many people to work with spirits like [...]

Connecting with my higher self

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What steps can I do to connect with my Higher Self and become one with Spirit? This is shared with permission from a personal reading.  The guide answering this question is one who is with the individual asking; or, one we refer to as a "personal" guide. Click here to listen to this message Guide Well, it [...]

Understand the power you have in the physical world

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Timia Timia writes: I can’t sleep anymore and that is a huge problem. I get visits from a person in spirit, which has interrupted my sleep pattern. How do I communicate with this person & be comfortable falling back to sleep again in my bed? Also, I hear radios and tv programs when nothing is [...]

A conversation with a high guide about viruses, women and spirit learning

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I would like to talk about viruses. Some people have a theory that viruses are aliens. Is that true? Yes and no. They are alien to your planet but they are not alien to the whole sphere of things that be. They are of a different energy, it is true. But they do have purpose [...]