The Spirit Guides explain who they are and how they help us.

Who are you?

We have been given names in every known religion on your physical plane. The relationship of helpers—or the guide, the angel, the attendant—is one of great love. And it is through the bond of love that many of these choices are made. In fact, we are energy that no longer can be in a physical body. We have evolved to a dimension where we are learning and growing by our connection with you in the physical plane.

You see we are still working in the physical dimension. And we grow and learn and evolve through working with beings on the physical plane. Similar to the way a parent learns by helping a child grow—but without the arms to embrace them. It can be frustration. Though we don’t have that vibrational physical feeling, it can be a strong emotion for us. We want very much to get in there and do it for you, just like the parent.

What do our guides do for us?

They are there to assist in the learning. If the being asks for their help, the greater the learning, for the honour of the self is the greatest, the self-love. To love yourself well enough to ask for assistance. Then the growth is great and the guide helps a great deal. But they still help when there is never a question of it, when there is never a plea. It is movement within the being. I have great power over beings, whether they choose it or not. I will help to mould and influence but I will not make choices. I will bring forward tasks that they have chosen. All the different variables that they might feel, it is simply the entities that have been the helpmate to present the promises. You might say we are the ones that keep it in line that you should bring forward the tasks to learn.

How do the guides communicate with people?

They need not hear it with their mind. They will say “a voice” “a feeling” “a movement” “a touch.” Each individual, separate and unique will develop their own conversation, their own way. Some use different methods or modes but all use, even those that deny it.

Jane Kennard, spiritual channeler, spirit wisdom, circles within circles

Joanna Pettit and Jane Kennard at a public gathering at The Belfry Theatre in Victoria, British Columbia Canada

What can people do to be more aware of this communication?

It is the sheer desire that shall provide it. Often, they try too hard. They expect it in concrete forms. They must relax and allow it to flow, and not fight the current. They must be open to what is there for them. Each being has a strong, pervasive energy that will be the line of communication. You might call these things artistic ways, music, interests in writing, or reading. Some are tactile and receive many messages through touch. Each must develop on their own. They chose this before they came into this life.

What can people do to improve this communication?

Well everyone does communicate. It’s very individual. They may not believe the guides are there but they’ll say, “I just had a hunch.” Tell them to be open to how their body speaks to them. They should ask questions and expect an answer in some way. Test them. Play with them. This is not something they ever need to fear. There is nothing to fear. It is not some strange being lurking about their body. It is a wonderful helpmate who is right there and willing to just take on any job with them. Ask for assistance. Visualize yourself as a beautiful being wrapped in love. Like an angel wrapping you in wings. Lifting you, loving you.

Can you change things for us or affect our growth?

I am an energy—like the energy of the mother or the father. Because I have not a physical body or voice, you think I am limited as to what I can do. It is not so. The bond I have is very strong. I can move the mind patterns. I can lift the heart of the very sad. I can actually pull the physical being from one direction to another. And I can be with them in every second of their growth.

How do you become a guide?

You evolve through a number of lifetimes and then you get to decide for yourself if you have finished. You step to the next level. That doesn’t necessarily mean you are at a point where you cannot dwell in a physical body, but it means you can be of assistance and still grow without having one.

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