Let your light shine out–and be reflected back to you


Nicola  writes:

Hello, please could you explain why a grandmother ancestor in spirit (channeled through a spiritualist medium) thought that I was close to someone called ‘David’. Is this someone I have yet to meet or was it simply a mistake? As it was over 3 years ago and there is still no such person in my life, I’m guessing it must have been. I would be grateful if you could settle this puzzle for me.

As I’ve been single for over 12 years now, I was also wondering if it’s always going to be this way. I know I have little to offer anyone, but the thought of further years of solitude and loneliness breaks my heart. Any advice you could give on this matter would be gratefully received. Thank you.

The guide’s response:

Oh my dearest, dearest Nicola.  Dear, dear one, beings in spirit are terrible with names.  Never ever hold a spirit to the name they might give. For they see them as who they were in another experience, in another time. Oh perhaps that one was called David, there is no doubt—but perhaps no longer is.  I hope you do not spend too much time looking just for David.

But let’s address why you have been alone for so long.  You have not opened a space in your life for this new person to enter into.  You’ve not been holding yourself open for a being to come and love.  You thought there were rules and regulations and that you had to be at a certain place, a certain time, a certain form.  You are very loveable little one; you are not unlovable.  Let go of all that.

Oh, let’s clean house. Dust off that image of yourself. Put on a pretty frock and present yourself as the most loveable, for it is so.  Open up a space, even open up a place in your home, in your life, for this new being to enter into.  When one presents oneself as a closed unit, there is no room to cuddle in.

So, you are lonely, I am not surprised.  But you like your own company.  Open a place.  Leave a part of you… needing.  Don’t fulfill all of your needs so that there is nothing for someone else to do.  When you go out and are in the presence of other beings, ask them who they be, but tell them not what you need. Present yourself as wanting to know more of them, wanting for them to find a place within you where they fit.  Don’t be so complete and so assured and so full of the knowledge that no one else would find it comforting to be with you.  For all people want to give and to receive.

Don’t look for David.  Look for love, by sharing the love that is there within you with others.  By opening yourself that they might enter in.  No, you haven’t missed out on a whole lot.  You’ve been busy healing, showing the world that you can do it, being strong.  But a being is never so strong as when they stoop to help another.

Your world right now is all about being very self-fulfilled.  But when you know the love of self, you can know the love of loving someone else.  Don’t be afraid to crack that veneer.  Let that light shine out—and let it be reflected back into you.

No joke; no mistake—there is a love that’s out there and will love you.  But you have to allow them in. Don’t worry what his name will be.  Worry about how wondrous and how light you’ll feel when you stop holding all so much at bay.  Bless you my child for seeking.  Bless you for allowing yourself.  Know that you will feel vulnerable; you’ll feel somewhat unsure.  But only the strongest can allow themselves to feel this way.

Bless you my dear.  POSTED December 11, 2012

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