P1020581“Thinking” writes:   

I am writing as I am in a tumultuous time mentally and physically, and I desperately need some advice or assurance. I ask that you help reflect back to me my strengths and purpose that I possess in this life time, and how they can be best used to benefit myself and the world around me. I’m feeling lost and a little out of control, and I would really appreciate what ever you feel like I should hear in this moment. 
Infinite love and gratitude to you all.

The Guide’s response:

You’ve already made a very big choice; you just have not acted upon it yet, my dear friend.  I know life paths become very complicated; one thing ending into another and you forget who you are, and what you are, and what you began. That book that never got finished, the book that you wanted to write.

All manner of family and beings all off doing what they need to be doing and… where are you? And for whom are you?

You are a very intelligent, intellectual being. You have grand thoughts and visions, but you forgot to put you in them. Oh there was a time when you put great energy into it. But now you have, ah… Is it love? Or is it pity?  I cannot make the way clear for you to see that you have already made this choice. It is the action that you have not done.

And does one being owe another being’s life for their growth? Or do you owe yourself your own growth. The confusion isn’t really so thick. It’s the action my dear, the action.

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