Jody – Dear guides, Thank you for the opportunity to ask a question.  Right now I am confused about my relationship. Can you help?

Oh, dear, a relationship, a bond between two individuals, two very strong willed individuals. And this energy that is created is a good one, but it often causes you to take a step back and not say what you truly want and need. And when you get almost there to speak it, your heart is thrashing and your mouth is dry and you feel very afraid.

So what will you do? Will you continue to go about just thinking and not asking, wishing that it could be better?  OR, will you take a deep breath and speak what you need?  Will you trust in the energy between the two of you to be strong enough to carry that message and for it to be heard?

You don’t ever feel like you’re being heard. And it’s because you’re not really speaking it in the clarity and the understanding. You can. I’m not going to say stay or go, that is entirely up to you. But you do need to find out how to make your being feel at peace. And you can do this by speaking your truth and asking to be heard, to be seen. You certainly do enough of that for the other.

It’s confusing to your right now, I know, and you’re almost feeling too tired to put the energy into it. But try to my dear. Bless you.

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