Asking about medication effects when a person is dying

spiritsDearest guides – when a person passes over and is on a lot of medication or is perhaps in a state of delirium or advanced dementia, how does this impact on the person when he/she leaves their body? Does it take a bit longer for the individual to clearly understand what has transpired and do the guides assist in this process? Thank you so much for all you share.

It does in some ways interfere with the process, but each probably differently. If it takes away the ability for the spirit to communicate with its beings of love and light, it does distort things. This happens when powerful narcotics are used and the mind becomes stilled and the spirit is already beyond the body. You see, when one is in that state, you are more spirit than your are body, but there is still usually a channel open to speak. Even in the most deep state of dementia there will be an opportunity unless it is limited by the heavy sedation. But you live in a time when pain is feared even at the end of a life, and so above all else it must not be tolerated.

We do have that feeling that since we’re able to help people control pain that we the responsibility to do that.

 There are better ways. Your medical people will come to it eventually.

My daughter who works in hospice feels that she assists people in their transformation when she gives them more medication.

Yes, she does feel she is helping them but it isn’t helping them. It is often just medicating them. The best helping of a being that is passing is to say goodbye, to release them. For nearly always when a being needs to be free of their body, there is someone or something tying them here. And someone or something pulling them to stay. So the kindest, most loving action is to say “You have my permission to leave, to go where you need to be.” That way they still have that choice, that they make it to go.

So that would be a loved one often who would need to give them that permission to go, not necessarily a nurse?

Yes. I’m sure you’ve seen it many times, where an old one will hang on until the birth of a grandchild or after the celebration, not to disappoint anyone. But don’t worry about these things, it’s just like the entrance, your birth, you don’t remember it to clearly. Some will be confused if they were medicated for a long time, but it’s very important to say, “You’re free now. Go on. Go on and do what you must do.”

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