Jane Kennard

Love is what is needed to be given to a father

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I've been thinking about my father. There was an unspoken energy between us. There were no words of love or hugs and kisses. It wasn't until he became a grandfather that I truly got to see who he was. A kind and loving man with a heart so tender. I don't think it's easy to [...]

Let’s Walk Together – a Jane Kennard Meditation

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This is something my blessed guide said to me last week. After a meditation where I had been told that there were no more heroes in our physical world. There were not the ancient time heroes that we would all follow and feel very confident and comfortable with. That the hero would lie within us. [...]

This is it… The Overturn

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Many years ago my Guide said to me that we were present in the time of The Overturn. I have to say, the word 'overturn' really meant nothing to me. It was explained to me that there was an imbalance of souls. The imbalance was created by a large number of souls growing and evolving [...]

Spirit guides and angels, who are they and how are they with us?

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Each of you has beings that help you. Whether you choose to speak with them or not, they are there. Yes, I was hoping to ask about spirit guides and who they are, and how are they with us. How is that decided? Well, if you’re a brand new soul you don’t really want to [...]

Realizing the Truth of You

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Discovering your truth and being the light that you are. You are a fracture of this amazing energy that connects you to the oneness. Within you lies the most powerful creative force beyond the knowledge of man. Who really knows you? Another light. Another person who knows their light. And that is what I [...]

A father is sizing up his path

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Do you have any insights about how to best help my father around his general health? He was prescribed a medication, but my father declined to take it because of the side effects. My mother feels he is declining. Listen to the audio of this Guide's message. Oh blessed one, do not fear. This [...]

You are each and every one of you an important part of the healing light

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Hello. As I lit my candle today asking for healing and light for all. I also asked for patience. Many of you have put in for your free question. Thank you. Since it is not possible for me to gather with my helpers right now, I ask for your patience until we can get to [...]

A time of light and love

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I believe this virus is an instrument for our growth. We are present in a time of great learning. A time when all of us are growing and experiencing the same lesson, but each with our own choices for growth. I ask you to be the light that you are and to choose your highest [...]

You can just relax and enjoy being in a human body. It’s quite an amazing experience

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Advice for one who is struggling with which foods to eat. I’ve been on a health journey the last few years. And it seems I get ahead and then I slip back. It seems to be a struggle with what foods I should eat and not eat and it’s gotten out of hand. I’m wondering [...]

It is such a huge job to be a parent. Do you have any guidance on that?

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It is the most amazing, growing time in the physical world. When you offer the opportunity to a spirit to come through you, if you will stand and nurture and protect that being, you have already decided this before they come. It is done in the place of learning, in between lifetimes. You make a promise. There are always [...]

Love is what you seek when you are present here

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Jane shared that after a session she feels complete love. Is this state available for all of us? Yes, if you get away from all of the different postures that you carry to present your being to your world. If you put down all of the different understandings and attitudes of different reflections of who you need [...]

Take my hand

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As I take my Christmas Eve walk my heart pounds with the feeling of oneness I have. Take my hand, come with me into the wonder of this night. Excitement, anticipation, joy, love, tales of miracles. Let's hold the light of love in our hearts, shining it on our paths and bringing peace to all. [...]

Talking with a guide about ghosts and apparitions

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We have some questions about apparitions. Ghosts, we think of as people who have passed away but they have not gone to spirit. They’re still here. Is that right? Yes, the word you use refers to people that have left the physical domain but their spirit has chosen not to go on, not to remove [...]

Soul evolution and joy in living

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Do we come to this life as new souls and continue to return until we become mature souls? Can we come in a different order or skip ahead, or go to another plane for an experience? The evolution of your vibrational being is constant. It doesn’t matter if you want to call it new or [...]

How can we know when it’s fear talking and when is it our intuition?

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How do you get in touch with that? How do you trust? Firstly, be in the moment. Do you know what that is? Don’t be in yesterday or tomorrow. Don’t be at the end of the five-year plan or back where you had the big fight. Be in the moment, right now—especially with children, and [...]

When you are confused, go to a place where the wind can touch your face

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I recently moved to the coast and wonder what that is going to look like for me. Am I meant to be here? Well, relocating is somewhat of a strange thing. When a person goes away and comes back it is never the same. Remember that, it will be a different experience. Your future is entirely up to you [...]

Your task is to be whole and balanced and one — within and without

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A healer asks, What is the next part of my life about? Oh, this is amazing: to be whole and balanced and one—within and without. To see and be present in your world in all that it offers and all that you choose to give. To know the effect that you have without asking for [...]

Celebrating International Women’s Day

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Women, judge yourself against no other. You are in a unique and wonderful experience. Draw upon the Grandmother Wisdom that you all possess. All things are possible when you hold your world with unconditional love. Love, Jane   Image inspired by Yaoqi Lai Unsplash