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Dear Ladies & Guides, I hope you are well. Please tell me will I find a romantic partner and have another child?  You previously mentioned ‘there is old thinking with the one who will come close… be light & friendly’. Did u mean we’ve met romantically in this life or a past one? Is it time for me to look for a new job?  I am bored but feel financially trapped. I lack discipline to lose weight & feel guilty that my son is sharing my worrying nature. I am sorry for waffling & would appreciate any advice and direction. I am trying to attract positive things and people but my weary desperateness shows.  Many thanks x

Dear, dear one, will you find love?  Of course you will when you begin to love yourself. Love attracts love, blessed one.  This being that you know is coming you have not met before.  There is a need for both to be at a certain place before you arrive at the same place together; that means growth wise.

You carry burdens in your being from very early in your life, so responsible, and then made actions that caused more responsibility.  You jumped at things feeling this is your way out when it only became a greater burden.  So, why is it you suppose that you make choices that limit your ability?  Because you believe you must be limited. There is a belief within you that you are not good enough, not pretty enough, or wise enough.

Oh, blessed one, when you look into the mirror will you start by just saying “hello and who are you?”  You are a wonderful, kind being that wants to find the love that you know you have within you and feel it all around you.  Of course, you’ve heard all of the different theories in your world trying, trying to be positive.  The problem with that is the trying.  Be that that you are.  Stand in the morning and be that giggly, wonderful being you are, full of light, full of love.  Look upon your child with this love and light and simply radiate that that is shared between the two of you, light, love.  Do not weigh it down with heavy expectations, or judgment of who you have been in the past.  Be it in this moment. Growth, healing happens in a second, all you needed was awareness.

And as you go out from your day be that light.  Smile.   Do not have the answers if you do not have an answer for someone.  Do not make a statement that is false and goes against who you be.  Be the joy and light of who you are.  Choose for your being like you would the most blessed being, the most beautiful, precious child.  Make choices that heal you.  Attract into your light and into your being and into your path, the love of who you radiate out.

Right now, you are sad because you don’t think you are not lovable.  I see this not.  You are very lovable.  You have an amazing smile and a wonderful heart.  You have just burdened yourself with so many judgments and expectations that you are the only one to unleash them.  You hold the key in your hand, put it in the lock and release it.  Feel the heaviness of all of those expectations fall away.Bring your energies up.  I know you are weary.  But you are only weary from thought.  You can change that thinking.  Oh, you are lovely.  Bless you my child.  All is not lost it is just about to be.  Often times when one is the most exhausted with one’s being, change is at hand.  Unlock yourself from that heavy burden. Be the delight you are.

Do not look at finding love in another as your release from any physical bonds, but finding life and love within yourself will attract all that you need.

Will that include the new job?



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