See your ability to love as so beautiful, so perfect


BJ – Have I been duped again in love or was my fantasy about D that made me hopeful that we could have more. I have lived through betrayal at the hands of a loved one before and thought I had learned the lesson only to be disappointed again. is there a pattern here?

Why did he feel the need to hide his truth? And did he have any feelings for me at all? I can’t help but question his authenticity since he represented himself to me as a man of integrity. The man I became familiar with is a very loving soul who carries virtues I admire. Is there a dark side to this man or is it fear from his past he has not let go of?

You have never been duped, my dear.  You knew full well what was at hand, but you put it to one side, willing to love.  And that is the most wonderful part of you.  Never see loving as a negative. Loving is always a positive.   It may not have an outcome that you desire perhaps, but if you grow from it then it is always a positive.

You say this in such a negative way that someone set out to hurt you.  And no, they did not.  This being is a good being and yes his old patterns and ways are full of fear and is terrified of anyone having to need him, or for him to be responsible in some way. But that does not mean he is not worthy of love.  It does not mean that that the love that was there between the two of you was bad.  It does not mean you didn’t see what is truly part of you.   Is there a pattern?  There are many patterns in life if you look for them.  Why not release yourself from the limitations of a pattern and see your ability to love as so beautiful, so perfect. See your side of it and not so much the other side.  If you decide to love someone, so be it.  Love them freely, honestly and openly and you will attract that to you.

There are many that would love to love you, my dear. You are charming, beautiful and fun to be with.  Their own fears may cloud it. But let not your fears cloud it.  Be responsible for who you be, your energy, your being of light.  For this you are, beautiful, willing to love.  See no loss or expectation as a negative.  Love, my dear.

Is there a dark side to him or fear of his path that he has not let go of?

What you saw in this being you were willing to see.  You did not want to know about that that was part of his being.  It was there and there were signs but you diminished them because you wanted to see only the light in him and that was good.  See it not as any setup to be hurt, but say thank you to that that was.  And even thank you to that that you decided was not something you wanted.  To be in a place of thankfulness of light and love is the most perfect place to be.

Your society sets up rules that things must last forever instead of the sweet beauty of just a moment.  For in that moment you grew a great deal. Oh, you can work yourself over  until you are tired trying to blame yourself for many different things.  Why not thank yourself for being willing to see.  To see the good, the light, the love and yes, the reality of some of his needs are not yours.  No being you are going to meet and love will be free of all difficulties.  For that is part of the physical world.  But you must be at a place where you will accept some and some you won’t and that is yours to choose.  Yes, dear, there are many that will love you, but will you be willing to love them?  I hope so.

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