Extend your heart and love to your daughter

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Guidance for a mother who wants to find peace with her adult daughter. I am feeling so deeply hurt and invisible to my daughter who has sent me hate mail full of her angry feelings directed at me. What can be the agent of help for her and for me? Where can I place myself? [...]

Sit together at dinner and talk about happy things

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Ideas for a family with a child who is a picky eater. Could you tell me why my little nephew is such a picky eater and how to make him eat well. What would he enjoy eating? As to food, well think like a child.  Make it playful and fun. And never, ever say: eat [...]

A mother has the strength to show the footsteps to walk in

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Please tell me is my son happy and getting all his needs met? Is there anything I need to do to support him in his growth? I love him more than life itself and he gives me strength and purpose. I know, my dear, I know. I’m trying to understand why you are asking this, [...]

Missing a mother who has passed on

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Lianne lost her mother some years ago and she still feels her very close. She had a dream that she was driving with her mother and wonders if this was a message. Her mother is helping her, guiding her, directing her. The dream was the creation of Lianne’s need. The bond with the mother shall [...]

A mother asks for guidance with her estranged son

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A guide shared in the spring that my son was doing better.  He recently visited and there was some difficulty and chaos with that visit.  I would like  to ask how my son is doing now and what he needs and my role in that? Blessed mother, trust.  Trust that he is always going to [...]

Children translate time with them as love

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I would like to ask about anxious children and the increasing level of anxiety in this world. Don’t tackle everything. Don’t think it all must be done. You’re carrying around loads of thoughts and understandings, and ‘have-to’s, and maybe, and ‘I’ll do it’ and, ‘I won’t.’  ‘I’ll be there with that person” and….  Stop—and breathe. [...]

Fill your being with love–the love you needed but never got

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An exchange from one of our evenings with Jane and the spirit guides I’ve noticed a lot of volatility and anger in my family with two teenaged daughters, and I’m wondering if there’s anything you can tell me about this. You, blessed one, have been seeking to find peace your whole life. You have been [...]

Speak your truth because they will know if you’re not

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A guide speaks to a mother about talking with teenagers What is the growing process for teenagers and how can we guide them as they try and make their decisions? Oh, well, always always when you are speaking with them, open your heart to them and trust that the heart will be felt. Always speak [...]

Making peace with a traumatic childhood

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Love yourself immensely to heal past childhood wounds What was my life like when I lived with my mom and dad? I remember seeing a white man in the bathroom sticking a needle in his arm while blood dripped onto the floor. I was told my dad shot my mom while she held me in [...]

It’s not about fitting their mould; it’s about being who he needs to be

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Help for parents of a gentle young boy who struggles at school My six-year-old nephew is so intelligent, wise and sensitive, yet struggles at school and needs to be pushed to studying. Is it all too much for him? What is it with his daydreaming? What is his purpose and how can I best help [...]

You can become the healer of you

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A guide speaks about ways to move past childhood trauma and find forgiveness and happiness. I know my childhood trauma, pain and survival techniques are interfering with my ability to be happy, to love and to be at peace, I need to leave these in the past, so how do I do this and get myself [...]

Don’t have the answers–but have an open heart

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Guidance for a mother with a grown son addicted to drugs My son has been struggling with drug use, addiction and mental health issues for a very long time. He is still young so my hope is he will find the path that is right for him. What can the guides share with me about [...]

Moving on from a relationship when a promise is complete

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Are there any indicators to gauge whether it is time to let go of a relationship or friendship, that the promise is complete? How do we know if “letting go” is actually avoidance of speaking one’s truth or not wanting to do the work? Is there a shift vibrationally that occurs when it is the [...]

You are not following your mother’s path; you are on yours

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A guide speaks about a relationship with a mother who has passed over My mom passed some time ago and I fear I am following her same path of fear and guilt, although I have moved forward in some ways. I do hope she’s free of that fear and guilt and in a better place. [...]

Let your children know that you love them

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Changing dynamics in a family I’ve been going through a lot this past year with lots of change going on with my daughter and stepdaughter. I'm feeling exhausted from trying to be the perfect parent. Is there going to be some peace in the near future for me and my family? Oh dearest one, just [...]

Speak to your children of the importance of loving each other

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My adult son and daughter had a fight some time ago and have not spoken to each other in months. Is there anything I can do to repair their relationship? Yes—by telling them that it’s not acceptable, that they must speak. That love goes beyond ideas or physical thoughts or directions. That love is a [...]

A father asks about his spirited daughter

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My question relates to the youngest of my two daughters. We are prone to butt heads at times on seemingly trivial matters. Can you help me understand the underlying reason for this and how can we resolve it and move forward? To listen to this message, as channeled by the daughter’s personal spirit guide, click [...]

A tumultuous relationship with a Grandmother

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Wondering – I always felt my grandma didn’t really love me. She would run off and leave me and my brother alone for several days. I loved her, or shall I say I needed her. I wish I didn’t need her love at the time. I was only able to go out into the world [...]

Moving from the west coast to the east coast

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Kerry - Our daughter seems drawn to Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, at least for her first year.  We have the option of renting the house for the next year and seeing next spring if we still need to sell.  Or is it best to actively focus on selling now and making a more complete move [...]