You must believe in you

BelieveMary – I often wonder about writing, yet I’m afraid to believe that I have anything of value to say. I have no letters before or after my name, therefore I am uneducated and considered stupid.  Any advice on what I can do to learn to forgive and love myself? Are their people with gifts that can help speed up this process, or is it simply your connection to source, and having to sit with whatever emotional pain arises? Please tell me my children will be fine. Thank you very much.

Dear Mary, your children will be fine.  But of course, they will cause you great worry and angst as they grow and stretch and be. That is the part of being fine.  It is not that you must walk a path and have no difficulties.  For the difficulties create growth for you and for your children.  As well, joy as the joy creates growth, energy and moving forward.

Dearest one, you think so harshly of yourself.  Every being has at least one book they say.  They, being those beings you are present within your world.  You have many books.  You could talk about your early life where you felt almost not even present within it and how your greatest joy was to make others happy.   Not wondering, or even searching for your own happiness.  You find happiness in others’ faces if they are at peace and pleased with you.  But if one harsh word comes in your way you completely implode.  All of the goodness, all of the great deeds, you feel you have no reserve within your being to rely on.  You are not stupid.  You have great abilities.

Letters and numbers in front of names truly mean very little in spiritual growth. And yet it is the only growth. For you may hear words otherwise, but it is only about each individual growing, increasing their vibration to a height.

I see you walking about looking out at your world and yet not taking part of it.  I see you wanting to have the love and support of others but not giving it to yourself.  If you were a child of you, would you treat you this way?  You worry so that they be fine and yet you are not.  You are not fine.  You feel very alone.  The one thing I must tell you, my dear, is you are not alone.

There is a wonderful spirit being that is with you.  Just try to visualize a beautiful Granny that adores you completely and you could do no wrong.  This being is very willing to be there, to give and support you, to guide you in any way possible.  Do you know what you must do in order to open up this conversation?  You must believe in you.  Believe in you and love you enough to know that there is a being just for you; that you are special enough to warrant this amazing being of light who is with you and always shall be, not intrusively, but supportive.

No, I have not answered your question.  I want you to turn it around and look at it differently, not as ”I can’t” but instead “What will I say? What deep pocket of my being can I draw on to create and represents who I be.”   Oh, it still could be a fiction.  Make sure it is a wonderful and passionate light.  Bless you my dear for you have a great deal to do yet and I believe in you.

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