Pondering, a safe place to fall within a partnership?

ReflectionAwake – Dear Guides, I write this tentatively. Do so appreciate your input. You once told me I would be partnered with someone whose arms I could fall into. My current partner I see as a gift. I am grateful. My partner has expressed on many occasions that my current circumstances are less than favourable but tolerable as the good weighs out the bad. I believe no one is perfect. No situation perfect. My partner is an amazing combination of all experiences so far. I used to shrug this off but it is beginning to weigh on me.

Although continuously pushing me away I do not believe this person would be happy for me to go. I am very unsettled about all of this. Would you please give me some insight in any way you can about any of us involved to make this situation better for everyone. Could he be the one you spoke of before. Many thanks and love.

Guide – Well it wasn’t me, my dear, who spoke of these things and I do not believe that he is the one that will hold you this way. He is certainly not charming you with his words, my dear. I think you need very much to examine what it is you want. Is this healthy, you tiptoeing around him feeling there’s something you’re missing? This is not a healthy state to be in. I think you would be wise to take a deep breath, look around you and see what it is you have invested here. Is it worth trying to fix? Is it worth taking this one and sitting down and really having a heart-to-heart?

I think you are afraid to ask this one truly if he wants you to stay. And that is not a state in which you can feel safe. Falling in someone’s arms is a state of safety, a feeling that they will catch you no matter what. I think you feel he would let you plunk on the floor and that’s not what you need, my dear. Take a deep breath, my dear. Don’t be hasty. Think it through. And then you decide, really what it is you’re asking, what it is you want.

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