Soul mates1What really is a soul mate?  Is there a way to  know if somebody is a soul mate?

I am surprised you ask this question for you do know.  When you meet a being you are instantly are at peace with them. You feel comfortable in their being and their voice is familiar.  It doesn’t mean that their face or their body or anything about it is familiar, but it is sense that your heart lifts and a knowing of deep trust and safety abides with you and that being.

When you can talk for hours and never stop.  When you just simply with a  glance and you both know what you are saying, or one word can set you both off in gales of laughter.  We do not call them soul mates.  We call them travelling mates where you have lived lifetimes together before and you have come together for another reason. They don’t have to be the opposite sex and they don’t have to be someone that isn’t related to you.  And sometimes they can even start off as being an adversary, but slowly it opens, the knowing, the safety and the wonderful feeling of knowing their care without them saying it and you feeling the same way; the unspoken.

Oh, your world right now is filled with reasons for soul mates to be and analyze it.  It must exhaust them for one you have known for eons, it usually isn’t about a lot of talk, it is just about being.  But don’t think it will all be roses as it can often have many fights, but always ending in love for only one who has known forever will expect the best and the highest of you, or you of them.