A Seeker – I am in a new relationship but although there are many positive things I have moments of fear and uncertainty. Can you tell me what this is about?

Dear bright light, I should not be telling you what your truth is, but sometimes one little word helps to unlock a great deal that you are holding within. Oh, how do I love in this relationship?  By first understanding that there are two separate beings in any relationship and they first need to be whole, or at least open to being whole before they can start to create that amazing bond. And that amazing bond takes energy from both and if you are not nearly whole, but only partially, you cannot begin to build this bond because you will do it as if doing it on a precipice, a little shaky and unsure does not create the strength.

So, firstly, take a moment, or two, or many to see your path, not as a judge over it, but as a loving being, almost as a parent seeing your path, having compassionate and empathy for parts.  And when you come to a part that you don’t remember or feel unsure close to that, surround it by light and ask for it to give you some answers.  You have the ability to unlock all things within your being.  All parts of the memory which are in the domain of the physical body can actually be locked in the cellular level and can be unlocked by the power of your very spirit asking for it.  Be not afraid.

Do not just rush into a relationship, but just dance with the great excitement that is about to be and prepare yourself for it and you shall be, my dear.