Shine and smile and greet each being eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart

IMG_9053Elizabeth writes:

I have no idea how to find people to talk to. Where on earth do I find these people? And where on earth is he? Have we met?  I find this all so difficult.  

The guide’s response:

Yes, my dear.  It is difficult when one labors over it as you do, my blessed one.  It is with light and love that you seek the same.  Be that that you want to meet.  Be the lover, the being full of light and joy. For light attracts light in your world.  Be that radiant light.  Shine and smile and greet each being eye to eye, heart to heart.  You may think you live in a world where it is difficult to find like minded beings, but know that there are many.

Allow yourself to be drawn to a place and occasion, a night of talking of similar things.  Be brave and allow yourself to converse with others.  Ask if they meet regularly, if there is a place to be one with all of them. There are many spiritual groups, many healing groups, many healing circles that have similar understanding to yours.

You are not bizarre or weird in any way.  And, in fact, there are many that hold still this part of their belief in quiet, in fear of being judged. But if you go through an opening to a place where they gather you will find a way to bring yourself to this light, to others, that will share your understanding.

Do not expect the love of your life to be the same as your, for if you were too similar you would clash in many ways. The being that you have a promise with and are yet to meet will actually make you giggle when you think about how different you truly are.  Proceed with friendships with others by seeking it out and by being the light that you, are and you will find it.  It should be a joyous path, not one of difficulty, my dear.

I can’t believe difficulty lies within your conscious mind. You feel you are lonely but in fact, there are many that would love to share time with you.   Make a shift in how you think – be open instead of closed.   Bless you my child for there are  many that would love to sit in your light.

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  1. Elizabeth May 7, 2013 at 4:20 pm - Reply

    Thank you! Love love to you :)

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