When you are confused, go to a place where the wind can touch your face

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I recently moved to the coast and wonder what that is going to look like for me. Am I meant to be here? Well, relocating is somewhat of a strange thing. When a person goes away and comes back it is never the same. Remember that, it will be a different experience. Your future is entirely up to you [...]

Trust that a donor match will be found for you

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Rest, nutrition, movement and happy thoughts can assure your body it is well My doctors say I need a stem cell transplant. I'm worried they might not find a donor match. The procedure is long and very challenging for my body. If a match is found will the procedure be successful and what do I [...]

Just relax and enjoy being in a human body; it’s quite an amazing experience

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Advice for one who is struggling with which foods to eat I’ve been on a health journey the last few years. And it seems I get ahead and then I slip back. It seems to be a struggle with what foods I should eat and not eat and it’s gotten out of hand. I’m wondering [...]

Making peace with a traumatic childhood

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Love yourself immensely to heal past childhood wounds What was my life like when I lived with my mom and dad? I remember seeing a white man in the bathroom sticking a needle in his arm while blood dripped onto the floor. I was told my dad shot my mom while she held me in [...]

Gathering strength when one is exhausted

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I am concerned about my tired, lethargic state. It takes me forever to wake up and on the weekends, I find I have nothing left in me. I would love to be active and exercise again. I’m clearly not absorbing iron. How can I heal this? Your iron levels are low. You need to eat [...]

If you want to be free of the pain you must listen to it

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A guide speaks about knee pain I have been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis of the right knee, but in the past few years I have not experienced too much pain or difficulties, except for a gradual reduction in my distance walking. Now, however my knee is becoming more and more painful and I am also [...]

It’s not about stilling your voice; it’s about being present in your world

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I suffered a severe depression in early June during the time of my menstrual period. Was this due to the change in hormones? I already take depression medication and hormone supplements. How do I keep from having that again? Hello my blessed one, I do feel our conversations are really what you need to hear: [...]

Make the choice to receive healing touch

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Touch can assist circulation and healing of a broken femur I'm asking for guidance around the healing of my hip fracture again. I've had episodes of a lot of swelling around the fracture site recently even though I've been told the x-rays show the femur has mended. I worry about the femur being mended and [...]

Don’t be angry with your body, be still and listen

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Today I broke my toe. I broke another toe on the same foot two years ago. I've had so many physical injuries... and it seems whenever I'm in a really good place, something like this occurs. I'm curious if there is something I'm missing? What am I not learning from my past physical injuries? Dearest one, it [...]

Your being needs to be heard, to be felt, to be loved

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Give yourself time to recover I had a hysterectomy last year which was on one side necessary but it has created a big unbalance in my body with many symptoms and a great deal of pain.  I've been working with cranial sacral therapy and I’m told that I'm going through the de-crystallization of my old [...]

Happiness is not just a pair of shoes that you put on

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A guide talks about ways to feel more joy in your life I feel dead inside and need to feel more alive as I am closed off from deeply feeling love and loving others, feeling joy, happiness, excitement, sadness. What can i do to feel love and other emotions? You’re not dead, my dear. Dead [...]

Forgiveness frees you to move forward

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A guide’s answer reveals that pain in the body manifests a need for emotional healing For a year now, I have had problems with my throat. Deep aching in my jaws, tightness in my throat; mucus at the back of my tongue which makes my voice hoarse, and earaches. Sometimes, mid sentence, I cannot get [...]

You can make choices for good health and restful sleep

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I struggle with my health. I have sore kidneys, extremely bad sleep therefore low energy, and dry skin. How do I improve my health as I would like to be strong, vibrant with lots of energy and live a healthy long life? If you really truly believe that you want to be those things, you [...]

Hold the Space with Love and Light

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A guide speaks on compassion and understanding for others: The greatest thing that all physical beings can strive for is to be kind, to be compassionate, to try to understand what it would be like to dwell in another’s body or the place that another be in. Know that as soon as you begin to [...]

Experiencing pain in the body

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Moose – I have severe chronic pain in my back, neck, shoulders, joints; everything aches. I don’t sleep well because I toss and turn all night. I’ve had several tests done but nothing shows up and I’m currently waiting to see a specialist for more tests. Can you please tell me why I’m in such [...]

Finding calm and rest after an illness

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How do I heal the problem causing me to cough and have mucous. I think it is bronchitis. How do I heal this? It is keeping me housebound. Also, how do I stop the migraines from occurring? Thank you. Dearest one, your cough actually has no basis any more, but was set up by an [...]

Absorbing minerals after exercise

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After running do I need to replace any minerals, and is it safe to ingest these supplements in pill form, or must they come from food sources? Guide – Of course the most wonderful way to get minerals is from that that you eat. But you’re not about to eat bits of dirt and the [...]