Your task is to be whole and balanced and one — within and without

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A healer asks, What is the next part of my life about? Oh, this is amazing: to be whole and balanced and one—within and without. To see and be present in your world in all that it offers and all that you choose to give. To know the effect that you have without asking for [...]

Celebrating International Women’s Day

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Women, judge yourself against no other. You are in a unique and wonderful experience. Draw upon the Grandmother Wisdom that you all possess. All things are possible when you hold your world with unconditional love. Love, Jane   Image inspired by Yaoqi Lai Unsplash  

Put the bow of your boat into the waves and you shall get to shore

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A guide speaks with one who has taken on a stressful course of study. Do you have any advice about getting through the next two years of the course I am taking that I love but is driving me and everyone around me crazy. I am very tired. And how do I learn and process [...]

Just relax and enjoy being in a human body; it’s quite an amazing experience

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Advice for one who is struggling with which foods to eat I’ve been on a health journey the last few years. And it seems I get ahead and then I slip back. It seems to be a struggle with what foods I should eat and not eat and it’s gotten out of hand. I’m wondering [...]

You can become the healer of you

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A guide speaks about ways to move past childhood trauma and find forgiveness and happiness. I know my childhood trauma, pain and survival techniques are interfering with my ability to be happy, to love and to be at peace, I need to leave these in the past, so how do I do this and get myself [...]

Give yourself permission to be the great being that you are now

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A guide speaks to one asking about past lives in Lemuria? What is my soul family and do I come from Lumerian or  Angelic lines? Dearest one, you are a beautiful being. There are many lifetimes, yes, it could go back that far. But I would like you to dwell in this lifetime. There are [...]

Teetering on the precipice of the unknown

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A guide talks about addictive behaviour How do I stop gambling and find other passions to replace what gambling does for me? You like the feedback, but you also like to teeter on the precipice of that that is unknown. And what does that mean? It means that you want very much to have a [...]

Be the person you would like to be

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I want to be a better person, to genuinely be non-judgmental, more generous, and feel more empathy. Then be it. I know that might sound terribly simple—but it isn’t, or is it? Then be it. Then each day set your intention to be present. Now, you do have a bit of confusion from growing up [...]

Keeping yourself balanced and whole

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A guide suggests ways to keep spirit and body in balance. Every day say to yourself: I shall be balanced and whole. For you know very well when you go too far in any one direction with your health you become confused as to what is right for you. Walk in a balanced world in [...]