Revisiting a previous relationship


I am really feeling that there has been a lot of growth for my ex and myself over the last few years and realizing that he really is the one that I want to grow old with.  Wondering how to broach the subject with him, and is he feeling the same?

Oh dear one, one of the greatest difficulties you had in the relationship with this one was being afraid to speak your truth.  And as you speak it now, you are afraid if he doesn’t feel it, that you will be harmed to speak yours.  You will never know how he feels unless he tells you.  But you are afraid to ask it, so you hurt yourself instead by keeping quiet.

Freeing yourself by saying how that you may actually find you may feel differently.  It might be the illusion of that that was that makes you feel that you want to be that one.

Oh, the heart beats rapidly when you think about speaking completely your truth.  You need to be face to face with this one and speak that you have missed him, but you are not sure what it is you have missed.  Was it the love, was it that that was familiar and comfortable, or was it to grow old or to share?  You have looked at many different parts of your path lately.  You have questioned a lot of it.

I want you to be strong and brave enough to do exactly what you need to do; to sit and have an open and honest conversation with this one and trust in the love of yourself to go there and be prepared to visit many parts of your feelings.

Oh, dearest one, you are a complex being at times, but you really just want to have a simple and happy life.  And so you are re-examining all things you have done and questioning it.  Continue with your questions.  Speak your truth, blessed one, for you are the only one that knows it.

I cannot tell you exactly all you want to know for it would take away from that pure element of your growth. Trust in your own being, my dear.  You are doing very well.

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    Hi. What do I do next? The book is not selling. I want the people who protected him removed from government and I want criminal justice reform. What do I do next to achieve this? I need a plan. Should I send a copy to BC or a news station? Do I just give all of my hard work away to anyone? I want to be rewarded and given credit for my hard work.Thank you.

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