Be interested in the world and others around you

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A guide’s suggestions for one who is looking for a lover in her life Is there a lover coming soon to me? To draw a lover to you, my blessed one, you must be a lover—a lover of life, a lover of joy. Go out into your world. Seek eye-to-eye contact. Be gentle and sweet [...]

How do you deal with someone who is being really negative?

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Always when you are seeing or are in the presence of one who is in discord with you, actually physically open your heart to them. Force the energy toward them, surround them in love. Be one with them. Be one with every situation that you be in. I don’t mean that you be one with [...]

Learning to love someone without being with them

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My question is about the person that came into my life a few years ago with such intensity and I am still feeling a soul connection and an attraction on multiple levels. But this person is not available and I’m not available. Why did this person come into my life, what do I have to [...]

You have walked with this one many times

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How to handle a strong connection with one you recognize from past lives I would like to know about my relationship with T. I have tried to let it go and not contact him, but I cannot help myself. He is so familiar to me, I feel so safe and at peace with him and [...]

Happiness is not just a pair of shoes that you put on

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A guide talks about ways to feel more joy in your life I feel dead inside and need to feel more alive as I am closed off from deeply feeling love and loving others, feeling joy, happiness, excitement, sadness. What can i do to feel love and other emotions? You’re not dead, my dear. Dead [...]

Speak from your heart

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How do I know if staying or leaving this difficult relationship is the right call and in my and my partner’s best and highest interests? Firstly I say to you, thank you. Thank you for asking. Thank you for stopping and considering all that is at hand, and waiting to hear an answer. Because you [...]

Your feelings are your truth–you cannot deny them

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Words for one who wonders whether or not to stay in her relationship Oh dear one, you are feeling stifled and overwhelmed by your need to speak your truth, to be. It’s as if you say to yourself: this is not what I signed up for. But this is the truth of what is now—and you [...]

A bond of intensity and depth from previous lifetimes

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Is there anything relevant in the past, present and future I need to know about James? To listen to this message, click here Guide  (note:  you might also hear the crackle of Jane's fireplace in this audio message). Oh yes, you’ve had quite a few lifetimes with this being; other experiences have been quite difficult for you.  You [...]

You must be balanced and whole to attract the kind of love you want

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Karen asks how to proceed to manifest someone who is right for her? She recently ended a long term relationship and is having a hard time seeing ahead. Yes, I know. She’s having a hard time, unfortunately--but suffering is optional. She doesn’t need to suffer. She can choose to let go of this, for this [...]

A love that was left behind

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Angela -- There is one man I am truly deeply connected with, especially through music. He has always felt like a teacher, but the energy was so strong between us that we were too confused to get into a relationship and finally life separated us. I did get together with another man with whom I went [...]

Promises made between two souls

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BJ would like to know more about promises made between two souls. She asks, "If a promise is not achieved why was it made?" Oh what a perfect world it would be if everyone achieved their promises, blessed one. In the time between lifetimes, when you are learning and growing and wondering about what you have [...]

Picking up the pieces of a broken heart

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  BJ - How I wish I could undo the things I’ve said and done in a moment of fear. I come to you once again for guidance. I have learned to listen to my intuitive side and rarely has it misled me. However, I recently ended a friendship with a man who captured my [...]