Allow space in your life for the accidental-on-purpose meeting


Mary writes:

Dear Guides
Thank-you for this treat. I believe I am now ready to welcome a new partner into my life. It’s been quite a rocky road for a while, Is there any chance at this point that I will attract the same sort of person into my life .

Hopefully all the hurt and change and pain has changed my vibration. Is there anything that I should be doing differently to allow a new love into my life.? Thank you for this gift of understanding more.

The guide’s response:

Yes, you have been ready for a long time to welcome a new being into your life.  You have been lonely for a long time.  Hurt and pain creates growth. And they do not scar unless you choose to not move forward or grow.  And you must own some of the creation of the pain for you were a willing partner in that relationship.  You believed it would work, you believed it would change, even though you had so much information that it would not.  Do not be sad; be very sure that you made the right choice.

You are choosing to live, to seek what is right for you.  Of course, what to do while waiting to meet the love of one’s life?  Prepare a room. What that means is make room in your life so you will not be so busy that you have not time to meet this being. So many beings when they have lost in love they just become so busy and they cannot sit for a moment still quiet.  Allow space in your life. Allow the accidental on purpose meeting.  And look into another’s eyes.  Do not divert your gaze but look directly into the face of those who that come before you wholly, completely at peace of who you be.  Bless you my child for you are willing to love.  Bless you.

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