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Sable writes:

Dear Guides, I am really confused at the moment to which direction I need to be taking. I have left a job and a place where I like to live and moved to a different part of the country to pursue an art career and be with my partner. It is not going the way I thought. I am thinking of going on a retreat to gather myself and to think about what to do next, where am I going? Would going on a retreat be in my highest good?   

The guide’s response:

My dear, it’s always wonderful to go on a retreat. Especially if it is truly one where you can take ease and rest and not have someone yammering at you all the time. Don’t go and take some course and form some ritual. Just go and be, and walk, and rest. Oh I know, you’re very much one who never wastes a moment of your life, nor a minute. And you’re now thinking: What am I doing here? I’m feeling so frustrated. And feel like I’m penned in? And have I made the wrong choices?

No, my dear, none of those things are true but the fact is you do need time to think about it. You need to be very clear on the choices you have made. Were you making those choices to make someone else happy or were you making those choices to continue your growth? You don’t want to be there just to comfort someone else; you want to be there because it is right for you.

I know you’re questioning all sorts of things about your art and your life and your path. Sometimes when one steps out of one’s regular routine it is quite normal to have a period of complete confusion. And that is exactly what you have. You’re questioning your feelings for your partner. You’re questioning if you’re an artist. You’re questioning everything.

I’m not trying to be humorous my dear, but truly don’t make a decision other than take a time to think about it. And that means quite a bit of time sometimes. Take your time my dear. Because there’s something very close at hand that you need to think about.

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  1. Charlene July 22, 2013 at 11:34 am - Reply

    I have undergone a lot of change in the last 7 years and my life is completely different in most ways, except I am very afraid. Even though I have taken a lot of steps to change my life for the better, I still wonder if the good things are just temporary. I fear I will be devastated if I invest too much in my dreams and then they can’t be fulfilled, even though they are quite simple. Can I sustain myself physically, mentally and spiritually if I stay on the path that I am on?

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