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About Jane Kennard

From as far back as I remember, I’ve had an awareness of a being that was with me–a gentle, calm presence who would talk to me when I was upset or confused. To me, it seemed normal. I thought that everyone had this awareness and could hear what their guides were saying. It wasn’t until I went to school that I realized other people did not see or hear what I did, so I began to keep quiet about it.

I’ve been connecting my whole life and I know this with all my being: that nothing in spirit can harm you. The guides will never say anything destructive or harmful. Their words are always supportive and designed to create growth.

When I channel, I begin by tuning in to the energies around the people that I am with. I take a deep breath, bringing light into every part of my body. I say my own little prayer and ask my guide to take care of me. Then it’s like flying away. I have no knowledge of the words that come through, but trust that they would be acceptable to me. When I return I feel calm and peaceful.

Sometimes I’m asked why I can do this when others are not able to. I believe it’s a talent-like having an artistic ability or perfect pitch. It comes more easily to some people, however we all have the capability to learn. If you would like to develop this ability, I would suggest searching out classes and reading books. Speak openly of your desire and you will be led in the direction that is right for you. How do you know if it’s right? Let your heart lead you. Listen within yourself for what resonates and feels true for you. We all have different ways of connecting with spirit.

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“Dear Jane, it is a profound experience to receive a response from you (guides); and, upon receiving the message, a change begins to shape itself and clarity emerges. I am most thankful for what you offer into this world.” – Joyce

Jane Kennard is a Psychic, Medium, a Spiritual Intuitive, a clear Channel for Spirit Guides and Universal Beings, an Author, and a Spiritual Lifestyle Influencer. For over three decades she has developed her abilities in this area. Jane has a unique ability to contact many different Spirit Guides, from a person’s individual Guides to an unlimited number of High Guides we refer to as “Universal Beings.” Some of the most loved teachers that have walked the earth come through Jane to share wisdom and love.

For the past fifteen years Jane and a circle of helpers have been meeting regularly to bring the wisdom of the Guides through and help others to connect with Spirit. You can explore these messages through the Shared Wisdom section of Jane’s website.

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