Celebrate The Coming Of The Light

We have come full circle, the energies have aligned. Winter or summer solstice, the energies have stopped pushing. Time to take a breath.

We on this planet have come through a huge learning, and we now have the experiences. There has been learning on everyone’s path. It is now up to us, on how it materializes.

When you come full circle in your growth, you have an opportunity to take what has transpired and absorb it… thus learning. Of course you don’t have to. You could ignore what you now know, not growing, this can cause you to be in a state of no growth. You will feel like you are going against the current. Doing the same elements of learning over and over.

Before great change or growth there is always a period of uncertainty. In other words when you identify something repeating in your life. Don’t react as you did, but give it your full attention, acting on what you know now. It might feel different but trust you have the knowledge.

Somewhere along this evolution, the human condition accepted the idea that there was no wisdom within each of us. Wrong… you are the sum total of all you have learned both physically and spiritually.

Yes, it is time to celebrate the coming of the light as it was before and now.  




Photo (with thanks) by Eberhard Grossgasteiger on Unsplash

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