There is yet an amazing being to love

coupleSarah Rose – Hi guides, there is someone on my mind who I think I fell in love with. We met during the summer and we hung out a few times. For some reason, he hasn’t responded to any of my text messages recently. We haven’t talked for awhile and I’m beginning to think I did something wrong.

Did he really have feelings for me?  Or did he change his mind and decide that he didn’t like me anymore? Did he meet someone he thought was better? I thought we had a strong connection but I’m beginning to think it was my wishful thinking. I’m a hopeless romantic and I am usually always single among my friends. I date guys, but nothing serious or meaningful lasts or happens. I’m tired of getting heart broken. Did he lie to me? What did I do?

Guide – Dear, dear Sarah. What a sweet one you are, a gentle being.  Oh, if I had a body I would hold your beautiful wee face in my arms and I’d look into those big eyes and I would say in due time darling.  Don’t be rushing it.  Don’t judge yourself against whatever anyone else is doing.  You have been looking for love for a long time and in the wrong places and in the wrong ways.

Yes, in your upbringing you had a bit of a difficulty knowing truly what love was.  You had to be, or do, or perform in a certain way to feel that you were loved. My darling one, you don’t need to do any of that to be loved.   You are the most beautiful bright light.

Now then, you did nothing wrong. There is nothing the matter with you.  He couldn’t love you because your light is so bright and you needed so much and his needs were greatly outweighing yours.  And dearest darling, I will tell you he was not the right one for you.  You were forcing something that was not right.  So, rejoice that you know this.

And, in fact, there is yet an amazing being to love.  I know sometimes you look at your circle of friends and they are all very cool and everything, but sometimes you need some new ones in there. Don’t be afraid to step out and see some new people; some ones that will uphold the great beauty of who you be.  And, you are such a talent.

Well, there is so much yet to do, dearest one, and no negative thinking now. I want you to stand in front of the mirror each morning and say “hello sunshine.”  Yes, love yourself, dearest one.  And you are loved my dear.  Bless you.

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