Realizing the Truth of You

Discovering your truth and being the light that you are. You are a fracture of this amazing energy that connects you to the oneness. Within you lies the most powerful creative force beyond the knowledge of man. Who really knows you? Another light. Another person who knows their light. And that is what I think we seek in each other. At this time, when we are being told to self-isolate and stay away from one another, we must not ever forget that the bond between people, it's invisible. And, it can stretch around the earth and beyond dimensions. So still be in touch with everyone you love. And, even those you don't know yet. Tell them, you love them. Tell them you hold the space in love for them. Give them space to heal, [...]

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A time of light and love

I believe this virus is an instrument for our growth. We are present in a time of great learning. A time when all of us are growing and experiencing the same lesson, but each with [...]

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To all women, be the light that you are…

In recognition of International Women's Day, a message to all women... Be the light that you are, letting it shine far and wide. Knowing that all who come into your light will be lifted by [...]


Jane Kennard Spirit Wisdom Podcast: Realizing the Truth of You

Jane Kennard Spirit Wisdom Podcast: A conversation with Spirit about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)