Giving Thanks

There's not a day that I don't feel grateful for my amazing life and all the wonderful "Beings" I have been blessed to know. As I was thinking of the sadness in the world right now. I'm thankful for the dreamers, those who are planning and creating a new world. Those who have been present in this time but not holding it as a reason to not grow. With new vision and loving hearts dreaming of what can be, not returning to what was. Creating a world where we see and care for one another as the precious gifts we are. Love, Jane You Are Not Alone Photo by Lasse Møller, Unsplash

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A Handful Of Wishes

Her name is Violet, which is perfect for a nature spirit darting back and forth in the yard, breathlessly talking to me. It was at the last moment, a [...]

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International Women’s Day

It is believed that the females of most species are the life-givers, the nurturers, the healers. There is a very different energy that is possessed by women. Though unique [...]


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