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Jane Kennard is a Psychic, Medium, a Spiritual Intuitive, a clear Channel for Spirit Guides and Universal Beings, an Author, and a Spiritual Lifestyle Influencer. For over three decades she has developed her abilities in this area. Jane has a unique ability to contact many different Spirit Guides, from a person’s individual Guides to an unlimited number of High Guides we refer to as “Universal Beings.” Some of the most loved teachers that have walked the earth come through Jane to share wisdom and love.

For the past fifteen years Jane and a circle of helpers have been meeting regularly to bring the wisdom of the Guides through and help others to connect with Spirit. You can explore these messages through the Shared Wisdom section of Jane’s website.


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Upcoming In-Person Events

Events and Gatherings in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Jane Kennard, Psychic Consultant, Medium, Channel, Author

Join Psychic Medium Jane Kennard for a small group gathering. This is an opportunity to join together in a circle of inspiration in the Guides’ presence and hear their words. Jane invites you to ask questions of your Spirit Guides.

Saturday, September 21, 2024
1 PM – 3:30 PM

Victoria, BC, Canada


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