Something To Hold book by Author Jane Kennard

Something To Hold

Discover Jane Kennard’s new book entitled, Something To Hold. A beautiful book filled with inspiration from Jane’s lifelong experiences as a clear and direct channel for Spirit Guides.

It is Jane’s deep desire to help you know you are loved and that you are not alone.

“I have been searching for a way to bring you into your spiritual self. Let me take you on a remembering. For that is what this is.” – Jane Kennard

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The Presence Of Love

My prayer for everyone tonight is to feel the love from every heart they have loved and been loved by. The bonds we create with loved ones never die. [...]

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The Gift Of Christmas Now

Not surprisingly, many people are leaving their positions right now. They call it burnout. It's actually that they have given all their energy and not received enough back. This [...]

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Be Patient

Today I asked my Guide, "Everyone is so exhausted. What's going on?" His reply was: This is and will be a difficult time. All times of great learning have [...]


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