Seeking love – be in the first relationship with yourself


Funtastic – When will I meet, not necessarily know, any of the 3 men that I have a promise of marriage with, and do I have a certain time frame for when I can bear a child?  You also said I would be good with children.  I do not know what I can offer a child that is not my own child.  I would be too nervous and sensitive.  Also, how do I get energy to maintain myself, a relationship, and a child?  I feel so depleted even though I have had time to rest.  I feel weary”  Please read as written.

Blessed one, you have been given information about beings that you will meet.  It doesn’t mean that you should sit back and wait.  It means you have tasks of learning with different beings, thus you shall meet them. You don’t have to be in any certain state or place for this to occur.

As to the child, you are good with children.  It doesn’t mean you have or bare them by your own being.

Your exhaustion is often most in your own mind instead of physically.  You are not able to do physical tasks because of your thoughts are going in so many different directions at so many different times.  Still your mind to be present in the moment instead of launching forwards and backwards.   Before a relationship with another, be in the first relationship with yourself.

Oh my dear, If I were to give you a certain time and place that would only bring you fear and that would never be my choice.  You must not fear and trust that there are wondrous beings for there yet to be with.

I know you have times when you are almost afraid to go out, afraid to meet and to talk to others and talk openly.  You launch yourself into judgment that you would be judged in a different way.  Precious beautiful being, you judge yourself so harshly.

So, trust that you will meet and you will have wonderful experiences.  You mustn’t be shy, but be comfortable with your own being.  When you are in the presence of others do not think you must be the smartest, or the most talkative, or the most brilliant.  Be who you are.  In moments of laughter, join in, but judge not yourself or others that you be with.  Worry not of children you will care for or give greater care for through other means.

Sit back and allow your world to unfold.  You have thought for a long time that it must be through your own actions that all things will happen.  Certain things you already set in process and it shall be.  Bless you my dear.

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  1. newday rose January 3, 2014 at 9:15 am - Reply

    Hey guides, so far I’m not content with any area of my life. What am I even doing? Everything looks easy when I see other people succeed at the things I want to accomplish. I seem to have a harder time with everything I attempt. I also feel like I’m missing out on opportunities to enjoy my life.

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