It is not a time to fear–but a time to cheer

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A spirit guide speaks of our individual opportunities in this changing world. You live in a time when it’s very important to come from the unexpected. That’s why you, my dear, struggle so to make your vision seen. You don’t need to try to fit to a norm. Each of you magnificent beings is individual--like [...]

Deep and abiding growth is happening

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A guide speaks about our world today and how it is evolving What are some of the amazing changes happening for humans on our earth now that we may not be fully aware of or that may not be openly shared in the media? Are you talking about the physical development of the body or [...]

A mother has the strength to show the footsteps to walk in

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Please tell me is my son happy and getting all his needs met? Is there anything I need to do to support him in his growth? I love him more than life itself and he gives me strength and purpose. I know, my dear, I know. I’m trying to understand why you are asking this, [...]

Abuse of drugs, judgement, and states of “no growth”

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Now I have a question about drugs. There are many people in this city and cities all over the world that take drugs like heroin and those kinds of drugs that make them forget their life, I guess. And it’s so damaging to our societies because they have to live a life of crime and [...]

Begin with your own corner of the world

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A guide talks about homelessness (part 1 of 2) Is it society’s responsibility to provide shelter for the homeless?  What can we do collectively and individually to help with this growing problem in our communities? Homelessness. Yes, it is true where you reside there are beings that choose to live in a precarious state. Many of [...]

Now is the time to teach the purity of love and to be responsible for your actions on your path

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I wanted to ask if there is a connection with the ancestors and how we would communicate with them to learn from their wisdom. How do we learn to hear them? You can always learn from the ancestors. If their genes are in your body it is easier, but if not you need only ask [...]

No one can foretell the future; you will draw to you what you need

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A guide speaks about premonitions Can a guide share what exactly premonitions are and how do I identify what is a true premonition from my guide, higher self or source energy? Also, how can premonitions assist us in our growth? Are premonitions a shared experience for all human beings? Thank you for your guidance on [...]

When a person is causing difficulty, see them, witness them

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A guide speaks about how to handle conflict with co-workers on a project I’m involved in a project and there have been serious conflicts behind the scenes. What can I do to be loving with the difficult people and ease the tension involved with this project? When you stand with people that you are feeling [...]

This world is your playing field, your school–it is there for your learning

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A high guide speaks about the learning and growth our planet offers us How can it be that although our essence is pure love and connectedness, it is not reflected on earth? Not even nature itself is all-loving. There is much hardship in animal and plant life. Struggle for food, to survive, fighting over territory. [...]

Don’t have the answers–but have an open heart

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Guidance for a mother with a grown son addicted to drugs My son has been struggling with drug use, addiction and mental health issues for a very long time. He is still young so my hope is he will find the path that is right for him. What can the guides share with me about [...]

Happiness is not just a pair of shoes that you put on

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A guide talks about ways to feel more joy in your life I feel dead inside and need to feel more alive as I am closed off from deeply feeling love and loving others, feeling joy, happiness, excitement, sadness. What can i do to feel love and other emotions? You’re not dead, my dear. Dead [...]

A guide speaks about our world and its water

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I worry about water. We are 75% water, and our polar ice caps are melting, and we are poisoning our water. Is there any way to tell people not paying attention that this is important? Until they are uncomfortable, usually new souls don’t grow. They must be made uncomfortable with that that is—whether it be [...]

Choose things closest to nature to support your lifestyle

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A conversation about plastic and man-made things that do not return to the natural state I was wondering about the energy of plastics and these man-made things floating around in the ocean... They are actually inert, they do not have energy. They are created out of things that were alive but in a negative way. [...]

You have a choice in every action in your world

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With so many evolved beings living here now does that bring more light to the planet, especially when people ask for help from their guides? It can. The light is always present. Whether you open to it or not is up to you, whether you be evolved or not.  It is your choice. You see [...]

You can make choices for good health and restful sleep

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I struggle with my health. I have sore kidneys, extremely bad sleep therefore low energy, and dry skin. How do I improve my health as I would like to be strong, vibrant with lots of energy and live a healthy long life? If you really truly believe that you want to be those things, you [...]

A conversation about the recent plane crash in the French Alps

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I would like to ask about the recent plane crash where 150 people were killed when one sad individual took his own life, taking them with him. It just seems so unnecessary. More than this. There were more children died of starvation—and yet it is this one thing that many are upset about and directing [...]

Growth, bringing back together all that you’ve experienced

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Elizabeth – I’m feeling pulled in so many different directions. Can you help me be clearer about what I should be doing? To listen to this message, click here GUIDE Maturation of the spirit happens many times in a lifetime, hopefully. And you might think this uncomfortable point is not a positive thing—and yet it [...]

The greatest choices in affecting your government

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Truth Seeker - Dear Guides, was the Building 7 Tower at the World Trade Center during 9/11 destroyed by the American government? Did the American government create or permit this destruction in order to have a reason to go to war? If so, how do we stop this type of behaviour from occurring again?  Oh [...]

Notice the recurring patterns in your life

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I know that difficulties we face are for our growth, but I'm feeling overwhelmed in my life right now. To listen to this message, click here Guide. That is life, my dear; that is your path. You have a choice to be overwhelmed or not. Know that there will be issues--which create growth. Free will, this [...]