A mother asks for guidance with her estranged son

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A guide shared in the spring that my son was doing better.  He recently visited and there was some difficulty and chaos with that visit.  I would like  to ask how my son is doing now and what he needs and my role in that? Blessed mother, trust.  Trust that he is always going to [...]

Fill your being with love–the love you needed but never got

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An exchange from one of our evenings with Jane and the spirit guides I’ve noticed a lot of volatility and anger in my family with two teenaged daughters, and I’m wondering if there’s anything you can tell me about this. You, blessed one, have been seeking to find peace your whole life. You have been [...]

Making peace with a traumatic childhood

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Love yourself immensely to heal past childhood wounds What was my life like when I lived with my mom and dad? I remember seeing a white man in the bathroom sticking a needle in his arm while blood dripped onto the floor. I was told my dad shot my mom while she held me in [...]

If you want to be free of the pain you must listen to it

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A guide speaks about knee pain I have been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis of the right knee, but in the past few years I have not experienced too much pain or difficulties, except for a gradual reduction in my distance walking. Now, however my knee is becoming more and more painful and I am also [...]

When a person is causing difficulty, see them, witness them

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A guide speaks about how to handle conflict with co-workers on a project I’m involved in a project and there have been serious conflicts behind the scenes. What can I do to be loving with the difficult people and ease the tension involved with this project? When you stand with people that you are feeling [...]

You can become the healer of you

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A guide speaks about ways to move past childhood trauma and find forgiveness and happiness. I know my childhood trauma, pain and survival techniques are interfering with my ability to be happy, to love and to be at peace, I need to leave these in the past, so how do I do this and get myself [...]

Find ways to strengthen the mother-and-child bond

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A guide speaks about a mother’s connection with her baby I need help dealing with issues with my baby. She is refusing to feed since she turned seven weeks. We have been to many doctors but nothing is helping. Why is she refusing to eat? Is there a physical or psychological problem? Is there anything [...]

Teetering on the precipice of the unknown

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A guide talks about addictive behaviour How do I stop gambling and find other passions to replace what gambling does for me? You like the feedback, but you also like to teeter on the precipice of that that is unknown. And what does that mean? It means that you want very much to have a [...]

Moving on from a relationship when a promise is complete

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Are there any indicators to gauge whether it is time to let go of a relationship or friendship, that the promise is complete? How do we know if “letting go” is actually avoidance of speaking one’s truth or not wanting to do the work? Is there a shift vibrationally that occurs when it is the [...]

Ask yourself: why am I unhappy with me?

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Moving through the wounds of childhood to forgiveness and love of one's self As I get older, I sometimes find myself feeling angry and envious of other women public figures who have successful careers, a family, and a healthy social life. I know my upbringing & experiences may have been different from theirs, but that only [...]

A guide talks about allowing others their space

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I am so tired of trying and failing in friendships over and over again. In truth, you want very much to be part of the whole and you need to have a few tools in which to re-enter it. As I said to you before, you have been out of circulation of many society situations. [...]

Your being needs to be heard, to be felt, to be loved

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Give yourself time to recover I had a hysterectomy last year which was on one side necessary but it has created a big unbalance in my body with many symptoms and a great deal of pain.  I've been working with cranial sacral therapy and I’m told that I'm going through the de-crystallization of my old [...]

Happiness is not just a pair of shoes that you put on

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A guide talks about ways to feel more joy in your life I feel dead inside and need to feel more alive as I am closed off from deeply feeling love and loving others, feeling joy, happiness, excitement, sadness. What can i do to feel love and other emotions? You’re not dead, my dear. Dead [...]

Forgiveness frees you to move forward

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A guide’s answer reveals that pain in the body manifests a need for emotional healing For a year now, I have had problems with my throat. Deep aching in my jaws, tightness in my throat; mucus at the back of my tongue which makes my voice hoarse, and earaches. Sometimes, mid sentence, I cannot get [...]

Hold the Space with Love and Light

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A guide speaks on compassion and understanding for others: The greatest thing that all physical beings can strive for is to be kind, to be compassionate, to try to understand what it would be like to dwell in another’s body or the place that another be in. Know that as soon as you begin to [...]

Experiencing pain in the body

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Moose – I have severe chronic pain in my back, neck, shoulders, joints; everything aches. I don’t sleep well because I toss and turn all night. I’ve had several tests done but nothing shows up and I’m currently waiting to see a specialist for more tests. Can you please tell me why I’m in such [...]

A tumultuous relationship with a Grandmother

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Wondering – I always felt my grandma didn’t really love me. She would run off and leave me and my brother alone for several days. I loved her, or shall I say I needed her. I wish I didn’t need her love at the time. I was only able to go out into the world [...]

Digestive discomfort as an indicator of an emotional issue

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Nicole writes:   Dear Guides, Please can you help me understand what my body is telling me. Since early childhood and for as long as I can remember I have suffered with digestive discomfort, bloating and other IBS symptoms. I have tried many things to ease this over the years and have made many changes to [...]