How do you deal with someone who is being really negative?

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Always when you are seeing or are in the presence of one who is in discord with you, actually physically open your heart to them. Force the energy toward them, surround them in love. Be one with them. Be one with every situation that you be in. I don’t mean that you be one with [...]

Trust that their passing has enlightened the world

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When you feel all is dark and hopeless in the killing of these beautiful "Beings", trust that their passing has enlightened the world. They are teaching in ways you cannot imagine. It isn't that they chose to die in this way but they all knew in their spirit that they came to teach and heal [...]

It’s Christmas Eve. Open your hearts and hear the angels sing.

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When I was very young I would go outside on Christmas Eve. It was easier for me to hear my Guide and I would be told stories of how Christmas was in times past. To this day I still go outside for a walk every Christmas Eve. It's a few minutes to be alone under [...]

The answer is not violence but love and teaching

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A guide talks about what happened in Paris and how we can move forward We were talking about what happened in Paris, and what that means for the world, and how we can cope with it and move forward? By embracing it. You cannot heal that that you hide from or that that you push [...]

Take care of your corner of the world

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An exchange with a guide from our evening with Jane and the spirit guides at Goward House in July I wonder if you could talk to us about how to walk in a world that’s crazy. Each of you is inundated with a great amount of information, not only from your own lives but also [...]

When a person is causing difficulty, see them, witness them

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A guide speaks about how to handle conflict with co-workers on a project I’m involved in a project and there have been serious conflicts behind the scenes. What can I do to be loving with the difficult people and ease the tension involved with this project? When you stand with people that you are feeling [...]

Open your heart to loving your world

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A guide speaks to those feeling overwhelmed by negative information May I ask, with all the negativity that we keep hearing about, like child slaves and wars and the loss of the honeybees and disasters, is there any way that we can keep it in balance so that we can move forward in light, without [...]