The importance of traditions at Christmas

A wonderful Being spoke about traditions teaching us, and it left me thinking. I decided to revisit some of the traditions I have, wondering how they teach anything. An unnecessary expenditure of energy or… my silly need to remember all my children’s happy times.

I’ve been decorating the fireplace mantel with all the old family toys. Creating the look of an old Santa’s workshop or Toyland. When anyone asked, ready with the name of the toy and its place in our family history. I’ve told the stories many times.

I asked my husband, “What do you think? Should I do something different, simpler, maybe?” The room became quiet. I turned to see him looking so sad and saying, “You mean we won’t have Pal on the mantel?” We laughed. Pal was a doll his mother made him. He has told so many stories about Pal.

I guess this isn’t just my tradition any longer. Realizing these dolls and teddies are all connected to memories and bring forth stories and experiences we have all had. Opportunities for healing and connecting to our childhood.

Pal is on the mantel.

This tradition I’ll keep.

Love, Jane

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