Breaking out of a circle of people who want you to always stay the same

Through Jane’s website, this person asked when she would begin to make money like others above her do. She also wanted to know how to go about opening the circle that was spoken of in a previous reply.

This is the response she received from a gentle Spirit Guide:

Firstly, this blessed one must understand that the circle that was spoken of was a group of Beings that surround her, a group of physical human beings. They be family and certain close friends that have a limited understanding of who she be. She is an amazing Being. To break out of this, she might feel that she is constantly having to speak about who she is and what she needs to these ones. For they will have great desire to not want her to grow, to move forward, for it affects them in a different way. She does not need to break anything to change this circle. She needs to be that that she is.

It is a common experience that people are limited by others around them who want them not to change. It often is the way people find security, by making sure that all those stay the same. Nothing stays the same in your physical world, or in spiritual growth. You are not the same Being you were but seconds ago. Every experience changes you–or it should. Your vibration moves at a certain rate, and it quickens with every element of learning.

As to expecting money, it is entirely up to her. It is not the place of a Being in spirit to say what that will be in the future. Grasped hands are very difficult to fill; open hands are much better.

Explain to her that she must be that that she wants to be, that that she is. To be it is to be it. To not judge herself or measure herself against others; to see them as wondrous creatures that can teach her in many ways. That she should glean from them instead of measuring herself against them. That in time, with her growth, that that is needed for her shall be.

– – –

This Guide, like most we speak to, uses words in slightly different ways. They occasionally use terms like “who she be” instead of “who she is”. The transcribing of these guided messages is left word-for-word.

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