Dinosaurs – all things were not meant to go on forever

An inquisitive person asked about dinosaurs.

Here is how the Guide replied:

Like many of the landforms, these beings had a great purpose. They have spirits that were great and wondrous. Like all Beings, they lived through their experience of growing and moving forward. You will learn by studying history that all things were not meant to go on forever. They did their growth. They weren’t killed off by meteors. It was in their DNA that they could not go on forever. They became unable to reproduce. This was part of their growth.

Meteors have hit your planet, and there was darkness. There have been these great hurtling stones that have hit your planet–a great and wonderful circle. They are a part of the original beginning of all physical planets in your spheres. Debris, you might call them. They hit your planet, and dinosaurs were affected, but it was never intended that they would continue forever. Their spirit growth had taken place.

Not everything must go on forever. Dinosaurs still exist in soul form, just as you exist, as a fraction of Mother Energy. Just because their physical body doesn’t roam your plane, they have not disappeared. They exist as energy. They moved on to have other existences. Their energy has become united with others. Think about the growth these beings have created for other beings, paleontologists, and others. Circles within circles. Dinosaurs weren’t just by chance; they had their purpose for their own growth and for the growth of others. It’s always for growth.

Tell this blessed one to keep seeking. Their inquisitive mind is wondrous and will help them move through a very happy path.

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