The Bond Of Love: Psychic Medium Jane Kennard Channels A High Guide

Jane Kennard received this question: Do souls recognize other souls after? We just can’t imagine that our love for each other could not be eternal.

Read the transcription of the session where Jane channeled a High Guide for their reply. Also, listen to the audio from the channeling session as replayed in the YouTube video.

Transcription of the reply message from Spirit:

Jane’s Prayer before Channeling:

As I light this candle, I ask in the name of the highest, the brightest, and the purest for healing energy, for healing words, for helpful words for those who ask to fill their hearts with light and love, to give them the energy, to make the choices they need to make and to be the light that they are. Talk to you in a minute. Something to hold? Thank you.

Spirit Guide:

Hello my son.

Assistant to Jane:

Hello, welcome

Spirit Guide:

And to you, we welcome you.

Assistant to Jane:

You’ve come through a few times in the last little while.

Spirit Guide:


Assistant to Jane:

Would you like to answer some of the questions?

Spirit Guide:


Assistant to Jane:

Oh, thank you. My question is for the Spirit Guides. Do souls recognize other souls after? We just can’t imagine that our love for each other could not be eternal.

Spirit Guide:

Oh, my dear, blessed one. What a beautiful heart you have. So full, so open, so wanting always to embrace the love and life that is present.

Always… the bond created is always recognized. You may not have the same bodies, but you will know the love. And yes, you will always be close. Even when one has departed and you know that they await a reunion. The bond never diminishes. Love bonds made between beings of energy only grow stronger with time. It’s as if you share the same heart with those that have passed

You often think and hold them dear in your heart, as you very well know. And you feel it deeply within the muscle of the heart. It is ingrained into every cell of your being, that you came into this world wanting to love others. So sensitive to the needs of others. You have not changed. In fact, you have become stronger in this way, blessed one.

No, you will never lose touch with those you love. It never ends. You are a beautiful Being of light.

Make sure that you get touch. Sometimes when a Being is, is brilliantly lit as you are, they forget that they need physical touch. But, they expand beyond their bodies. So what you would call a massage or touch, or massaging of the feet and the legs, the hands. All of these parts are very important for you right now. And, it will calm that anxiety you sometimes feel in the pit of your Being.

Sometimes your love is so deep that you add all sorts of imagination to it. Let it flow freely through you, blessed one.

Receive touch, receive love from others, and be that amazing Being that you are.

I love you…

And, you are not alone.

Assistant to Jane:

Thank you

Listen here to the audio recording of Psychic Medium Jane Kennard Channeling a High Guide for a reply to this question:

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  1. Joanna February 14, 2023 at 8:13 pm - Reply

    Thank you Jane for this very affirming message. I still feel so connected to my partner of 41 years who left this plane nine months ago. I am grateful to know that there will be a reunion in time. Love is eternal.

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