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This is something my blessed guide said to me last week. After a meditation where I had been told that there were no more heroes in our physical world. There were not the ancient time heroes that we would all follow and feel very confident and comfortable with. That the hero would lie within us. That we must seek that teacher, that strength, that wisdom within us. And, that sometimes is really difficult for people, so they said to me this…

In times when you are feeling most unsure of your path or a choice you must make, or an answer you must give, take a moment, take a deep breath, relax. Think about someone, someone that you have reached out to in the past or maybe someone you have never even been in contact with but you know that they would speak truth, and love, and light to you. Think about them. So I did.

I thought about Martin Luther King. And, I asked him to walk with me.

I thought about people that are present in the physical world… the Dalai Lama. And, I asked him to walk with me.

I thought about Mother Teresa and her compassion and love. And, I asked her to walk with me.

It can be someone that you’ve known only for a small bit of time.

But, call them into your life.

And, what I say, I say, walk with me.

Bring up the question or the problem and hear them. How would they answer you? And, know that they are finding that truth, that they are answering you, within you. So, let us all walk together. Let us bring in the heroes, the saints, and great teachers, and let us walk with them.

Let’s be one with them.

For we do know the way.

You are not alone.

I love you.



Jane Kennard
Shared Wisdom
You Are Not Alone

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