A mother has the strength to show the footsteps to walk in

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Please tell me is my son happy and getting all his needs met? Is there anything I need to do to support him in his growth? I love him more than life itself and he gives me strength and purpose. I know, my dear, I know. I’m trying to understand why you are asking this, [...]

A father asks about his spirited daughter

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My question relates to the youngest of my two daughters. We are prone to butt heads at times on seemingly trivial matters. Can you help me understand the underlying reason for this and how can we resolve it and move forward? To listen to this message, as channeled by the daughter’s personal spirit guide, click [...]

A tumultuous relationship with a Grandmother

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Wondering – I always felt my grandma didn’t really love me. She would run off and leave me and my brother alone for several days. I loved her, or shall I say I needed her. I wish I didn’t need her love at the time. I was only able to go out into the world [...]