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What is holding back my business?

This question was sent in through my website. This entrepreneur asked, “What is holding back my business?”

This is the Guide’s message to her:

She understands she must be the one who must make the choices for herself. Being the head of her own business is very important. She has passed the time where she can do work under others.

At this time there is a circle around her that has limited her in their concept of her. When she has broken past this limiting circle and reaches out to new Beings, things will open.

She should worry not about those who see her as she was. Trust that she has grown and moved forward. It is often through their own fear that Beings wish others not to move forward. She must trust in herself and move forward.

There are many times she felt she had allergies, and these are very much from anxieties. She needs to shine in her own light and to see her own strength. She will be drawn to this until she truly understands.

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