A Spirit Guide Speaks Of War And Remembrance, Jane Kennard, Psychic, Medium, Channel, Author, Spirit Guides, Image by Simon Goodall from Pixabay

A Spirit Guide Speaks Of War And Remembrance

It is very wondrous that those that still have the memories are given the attention to continue their healing. The trauma is still held deeply in the very cells of many beings and the land in which such trauma took place upon it.

The psyche of a being, in the physical form, when experiences such trauma is not easily healed or balanced. If you are speaking of remembering some of the very first experiences where great violence upon your planet, it was not acceptable to speak of these. Once they returned to their place of home and love, many suffered in silence and great difficulty.

Your world now understands war as a matter of fact, actually a way of dealing with certain difficulties instead of a terrible mistake. The new beings in your planet are aware of this, that they do not have the great depth of understanding. New souls have not experienced wars, not to the depth that many of you have. They might even experience war as something as a game, rather joyful.

The ancient ones will know. They will have a sense of great heaviness of thought and tears will flow without words. For each and every one of you have within you a deep knowing of great injustices that can occur when beings have power over other beings. You might not understand, but you shall in time. But there will no longer be a remembrance. You will understand that the new, the world created by you will not stop to remember.



Image by Simon Goodall from Pixabay

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