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How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides, Psychic Consultant Medium Jane Kennard, YouTube Videos Facilitator Question:
May I ask you, if we wanted to share some information with others about how to connect with their spirit guides? What would you suggest?

Spirit Guide’s Reply:
Well, firstly, I will say how happy that would make your spirit guides because their main job, for lack of a better word, is you. And, that they would be most willing to do your bidding. But you need to do one thing that’s very important, that’s asking. By your asking, you are doing great growth for yourself. You are honoring your being by loving yourself enough to help ask for help from this amazing, loving energy that is with you.

So firstly, understand they love you completely and you need only ask. Now to communicate too, you are going to have to develop a conversation with them. Somehow through some means that is comfortable for you, more so than for them. For they’ll be able to fulfill anything you ask for that way. It could be at first say, please show me a sign, and say to yourself, let it be a confirmation sign.

Which could be, I would ask a question. Is this right or wrong? And if that’s right, I would see a penny, a coin of some sort, or a bird, a butterfly, or something that you would see that would be something unusual, that you would see it as a confirmation. They often begin that way.

Other times when you ask a question, you might feel a tingling on your skin, an understanding… you may not hear words like you would hear vocal chords like I’m getting this opportunity to speak with them. You may not hear words like that through your ears. But, you might hear words or impressions through your heart. And that often comes as prickling of the skin or a warm feeling or perhaps a warm touch upon your cheek.

That could be how they will communicate with you. Your choice. Be patient. One of the most important things… which I do find, that most of the species of human are very impatient right now. You have evolved yourselves to a place of wanting instant answers and instant relief. And even though an issue may have taken a long time to occur, you’ll want an instant answer.

So be patient. Be very, very patient. Don’t give up. There’s no giving up. It’s just, you are a spiritual being. And, you have spiritual guides and assistants, archangels, whichever you wish to call them. Some people will say, I had a little hunch. Call your guide a little hunch if you wish. It does not matter to them. They will love you no matter what.

If you do hear a word like, you know, a guide will sometimes speak to you in a way that is very important to listen to. That could be if you go into a place or a room and you feel it’s… it will be short and sweet, like leave, or don’t go. Pay attention to that because that’s them working through you very quickly to help you.

If you have been asked a question to do something and you hear from them, again, not perhaps through your ears, but through your being… no… then listen to that and follow through. Or if it’s a yes, listen to that and follow it through. If you have evolved to the place where you are open and asking, you must receive what is being given to you.

You can’t start denying it all over again. How frustrating is that not only for yourself but for others? Don’t get a message from something and say, oh, that’s just nonsense. If you don’t wish to say it out loud, then write it down someplace and keep a record of what you’re hearing. You might take a little while before you trust in all of your messages you are receiving.

You won’t lack trust in your spirit guide, but you might lack trust in what you are receiving.

You will find a way to communicate. That is their one job. This communication is to help you and they will step in and help you whether you ask or not. But, it will happen more frequently and much easier if you do ask for help.

They will honor you and be completely with you.

Facilitator Question:
And when someone asks for help from their spirit guides do they have to say it out loud?

Spirit Guide’s Reply:
No, a spirit guide can hear your thoughts. That is often confused with a being that is stuck in between lifetimes that has transitioned from body into just spirit. And they are what you would call a ghost or spirit.

That’s not what a Spirit Guide is, they can hear your thoughts. A ghost cannot hear your thoughts. They think they are still alive and doing their thing. A spirit guide is not a ghost. It’s not nearly ever a relative or someone you have known. Though there are beings that will stay with you, that have loved you a long time and they are nothing to be afraid of too. They cannot hear your thoughts.

The only beings that can hear your thoughts are Mother Energy, your spirit guides, the spirit that you are made of.

Right. And, as I’ve heard you say before, they’re not judging you for your thoughts

Spirit Guide:

Facilitator Question:
But, they are here to be loving and to assist you?

Spirit Guide’s Reply:
They don’t see you like a body. They see you as a light first and they see all the magnificent parts within that energy light that is what you might call an aura. That is the working part that your spirit guide works with.

Facilitator Question:
And, so to practice this, we could ask questions of our spirit guides and then would we want to meditate or sit and quietly wait for the reply? What could be some ways to practice?

Spirit Guide’s Reply:
Oh, you could do all of that, but I believe you’d be a lot happier if you just continue on with your daily doing things.

You don’t have to sit on a mountaintop to communicate with spirit guides. No, their purpose is to help you live, how to help you work, how to help you walk. Some spirit guides love to even sing with you. There are some people receive just hearing the words of a song, and it’s quite interesting that’s where you are communicating, the myriad of ways that they can communicate.

It’s not so structured as you might think. Many beliefs and many understandings say that you have to do all these certain conformities to make things work. It was never that way and if some people needed to do it that way then that’s all right. Let them go that way. It isn’t a necessity. There is no rulebook on how to speak with your guides. [Guide Laughing] Maybe there should be. Maybe that would make things easier. We can hand it out with each birth. Here, you take your book with you my dear. That would be deliciously wonderful. [Guide Laughing]

Well, thank you very much. That’s wonderful information.

Spirit Guide:
I love you my dear.

I love you, too.

Spirit Guide:


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