Do Humans Have Anything To Fear From Artificial Intelligence?

Do We Have Anything To Fear From Artificial Intelligence?

Do We Have Anything To Fear From Artificial Intelligence? Sit in on this 4 minute conversation with a Spirit Guide channeled by Psychic Medium Jane Kennard. Hear the High-Dimensional Guide reply to questions about Artificial Intelligence.

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Do humans have anything to fear from artificial intelligence?

There will be times when certain Artificial intelligence will be used in a negative way and will abuse certain individuals and cause some disruption and controls. These things can be if in the wrong hands, the wrong situation. But so many things in the physical world, it has the possibility, but with wisdom and intelligence it will create great new understandings in your world.

No, spirit will never dwell within artificial intelligence. It definitely cannot have a spirit. It can only have that that was put into it. There will be times when you will think that it is actually thinking and coming up with its own understandings, but these are all just simply systems that are picking up words and nuances. And now they are even reading of the faces of positive and negative movements of the face and the lips as to create an answer that would be acceptable to the being.

It’s all manipulation in the highest degree, truly, of only the information that you put into it.

So the person who created it put that nuance into the intelligence itself?


So, was that being already thinking of those possibilities themselves, of creating, of disrupting?

Most times, my dear, they are high on the energy of the creation of something that is new and not been done before. To be the first to receive the most accolades and monies from it. They are not thinking about the total outcome of how this could affect someone who would believe that this is an individual with a mind and a heart. You see, that can never be reproduced in the physical. Even though there will be scientists trying to attain this it cannot be because this is truly the work of the great Creator.

So is it, would you say then, that the person who programmed it, or who brought about the artificial intelligence, would they have put the possibility of disruption and corruption into it, the artificial intelligence?

It can. It can. I’m not saying it is always, but it can be done.

Right. But ultimately, do we have anything to see here as human beings from artificial intelligence?

Again, individual instances. There can be a disruption of what you would think you would want to have happen because of those who feel that they want to control others. There is a certain issue of this in the physical evolution, of controlling others to this very means. In fact, much of it is about that, but it isn’t always negative. Many times it is very positive. There is an element you must always know that there can be a negative outcome to it. So, choose wisely that that you would use. Choose wisely that that you would put yourself in the presence of. Know that they already are doing it. Has been for some time. There are many manipulations in the very simple times in each beings life that they don’t even realize they are being manipulated. But, that is what it is, a grand scale of manipulation of the human condition. Trying to control others, not too distant or different from many, many years ago, where it was be a political system that would try to manipulate, or a religious belief, or a sect that would try to manipulate. There is a great desire amongst certain beings as they grow and evolve to control others. It is an element of this human condition. When you realize it really, truly should only be your own path that you control. But there are those that wish to extend it to others. It can disrupt the path of others.

And, is that included in free will?


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