Why Are We So Stuck On Material Things?

Many people are worried about material things, so we asked the Guides, why can Human Beings be so materialistic?

This is how the Guide replied:

To fill that space within that needs to be filled.

All Beings seek that deep love of self, of being, that connection with God, the universe, Tao, Mother Energy, whatever you wish to call it, your source, your center. It is radiant, it is large when allowed to be freed. But, when held tight and limiting, and not allowed to be, to flow, the Being in their conscious mind seeks to feed, to nourish, to clothe, to make comfortable all parts of their body. Sees from many things they’ve learned outside of it that these other things cause comfort for it and seeks them. Truth being, it is not food or clothing but the true spirit, its sense of being—the light, allowing to flow; the love, allowing to be.

In your world right now there are many different concepts of love. It has manifested itself in much need and want, instead of in truth of being.

Be not upset by this. This is probably the most natural occurrence and change to happen in the physical world.

Some have spoken that this is the time of the devil. That is amusing to us.

It is not the devil; it is just the human manifestation of growth.

To find, to seek, the light—the Beings’ greatest growth.

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