Solar Eclipse, Stonehenge, Terra Infinita Map, Evolution & Beyond: Insights from Spirit Guides in a High-Dimensional Conversation

Eclipse-Stonehenge-Spirit-Guides-Psychic-Medium-Jane-Kennard-video Sit in on this 37 minute conversation with different Spirit Guides channeled by Psychic Medium Jane Kennard. Hear the High-Dimensional Guides reply to questions about the Solar Eclipse, Stonehenge, the Terra Infinita Map, Druids, Evolution and beyond. Many beings are present: The Great Grandmothers, Isaiah, Ramesses II, and many more.

*Permission received to publish replies to personal questions.

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I don’t even know how I do this
how do I do this

hello my son

were you listening to our silly conversation
before Jane channeled

or trying not too

all vibrations are most enjoyable
though we feel not emotions as you do
we are enlightened by the energy you release

that’s wonderful to hear
they say that laughter is a healing thing
it is what makes the paths of all the human creatures quite different growth than that of the other creatures
only human beings laugh
no some chimpanzees and
of that line of evolution
they too laugh

what about beings from other dimensions do they laugh

Is there something that would be equated with laughter in spirit

the lifting of the energy
laughter and its chemical equation really truly belongs to the physical domain
but we are not without knowledge of its beauty and its light energy
so it creates a vibration that is felt in spirit
it creates a vibration that moves faster than anything that you could measure it by

may we ask you this question about the eclipse that’s going to happen on the 8th of April there’s a lot of people talking about this and seems to be a lot of activity around the eclipse and there seems to be a lot of conversation about the upcoming eclipse is there’s something significant or unusual about this eclipse

there are beings here that could speak of this
but I will say to you this there are many beings that this very movement of the sun and the stars was mostly a religious event
what you might call Druids or early peoples have returned and many still see the movements as the most important
the other issue at hand is coming from the scientific evolution into the spiritual one
two diametrically opposed understandings you might think but at times of eclipse they become one
so this is the first eclipse since we moved into or through the overturn
so that’s created a significant to it as well
oh that’s interesting
and when you say that many who were Druids in past lives have now reincarnated
and are here on the planet
and are some of them or are any of them aware of that past life
some are some not so
but the fascination of that that is in the sky and how it affects them
the Earth that they walk and live upon
right that’s interesting and is there some significance to Stonehenge in this regard
you might think of it as a the center of a religious belief or a very large time piece to mark the changing of seasons and the gathering of peoples at different times and the understanding of the afterlife and even in those times they believed in the before life that is what this monument was for and for many years was nothing but an obscure thing in the middle of a field
but it is a place that marks a time
it was a Gathering Place
and was that the people who built it originally
was it was for that intention
it was like a great Cathedral
they came from far and wide
and there were many that gathered around and took time walking close in and out
many, many ceremonies took place
and this is only one of many stone structures like this yes
there are many
everything reflects the circle
your eclipse reflects the circle
oh yes interesting
is there anything else of significance with the eclipse that we would be able to share with people
do not look directly at it
to understand that in the passing
much vibration has changed in your physical world
your planets axis has moved
the energy fields have increased
it is why the changing in the weather as well as the actions of the beings upon the earth change the weathers
weather is affected by the movement of magnetic field surround
the positive and negative charges that you yourselves all need are shifting and moving
it does not mean the end
it means you’ve all moved to a higher vibration
you will hold each other to a higher understanding though your conscious minds may not understand it but you will see clearer and move with greater acceptance into the understanding that you are greater than the sum of just your experiences
the learning that will take place is that that you have put together from that story of you
each being will have a change of pace in this next time
time is not something that we have spirit under duress does for you
we see it simply as a tool for your physical world to mark the passing or Mark the evolution
you see it often as a weight upon you
but let this weight be known that now it will move quicker for you because your vibrations have increased

often when we are younger time seems to go more slowly and then as we age or as we get older time seems to move faster is there a significance to that
mostly my dear one that’s an illusion
for the child has little to do in a day except to play or want the next thing to happen
where as those that have achieved adulthood or some often very busy beings that try to fit many things into one day
right, okay
but time has increased
it is true
so as our vibration increases then time increases as well
in process some
and some it’s already happened

we had a question from
I was talking with the friend of mine yesterday
with Donald Lovegrove
and he was curious about a map that has been called Terra Infinita
and he was curious about this map
and he had a question that
may I share it with you
so Donald asks
if I were to travel by air beyond the continent we know as Antarctica would I see lands beyond that are not currently included on our maps

you wouldn’t see lands yet for they still covered with ice

but is there something that exists beyond the knowledge of human beings at this time

there’s many things beyond the knowledge of human beings
there’s many things yet to be understood
about the earth
and so I believe that the concept of
are you familiar with this map the um
okay and so is there truth to Donald’s concept of this map

In all manners there is some line of truth through all things
many concepts have been created because they had a glimpse of that that was reality and much of these things that have come through to to be seen now were not of this dimension

right so he asked as a follow-up question
are these lands configured as what may be viewed as circles within circles

dimensions within dimensions, yes
and he asks
if I travelled beyond the last circle surrounding our realm would I encounter further lands

if you are the ancient being, yes
the being who you are now, no

And can we tell him more about that

He has stepped into an understanding of the many parts of his being
the many understandings of his vibration
he has come from times of ancient times when there was many understandings and teaching
much magical talk
It’s why you wish to discuss many things with him
it seems almost fantastical
but it is true for certain times in the evolution of this physical plane
you see
one’s truth evolves
as one’s growth evolves
to be expected there was a time that this was all true
and alterations occur
visions change
not that they were wrong before but now they must be seen in a different way
and a time yet to be
all beings visions will change
all beings will write and speak of a time that no longer will be seen now

so am I interpreting what you’re saying correctly in that as we evolve and our vibration increases
then we see things differently
so we we see more
so we would interpret it differently

that’s fantastic thank you

he also asked
if I travel beyond the last circle surrounding our realm would I encounter further lands
does that include the Anunnaki Lands

Those lands are still present
they are not outside any circle
Mesopotamia was very much the beginning birthplace of much of the written understanding
there were many changes at hand

I don’t even know how to ask this
but, do dimensions change as everything evolves

of course

yes okay

He also asked does that include other lands like the Pleiades, Mars, Orion, Draco, and more

The creation of what is needed to be seen can be whatever it is needed to be seen
you are all gods walking upon a physical plateau
remember that
though you may never consider yourself gods
you are of god energy
you will see what you will create to be seen
you will search for that that you believe is there
but as I spoke before
when you arrive there
you will have evolved and your vision will change

yes that’s fantastic
so anything, everything is possible
yes, of course

It seems that as human beings we strive to constantly be looking outside of ourselves and is there
is that valuable to our evolution
always constantly wanting to be looking for something outside ourselves

Isn’t how it began
evolved to this
Beings in your evolution need at some point need to see outside of yourself to see those that are important and those that are growing
in that process though you are waited by the element of time
you might see changes
and measure yourself upon them
and this is where perhaps
there were some elements of no growth
but as soon as you start to measure yourself against another being’s growth
or where they be
or what they have
you limit your growth
you stop
because you’re trying to be not on your evolution but that within another and that cannot happen
so seeing outside of yourself at some parts of your evolution can be a negative
but it is an important part of your growth to then become evolved to the place in which you have learned to love thyself and the growth that is within and the god that you be in all its wonder and magnificence without its being prideful without its being more important than others
it is only through seeing others that you see them and you have love and tenderness for them
for you have learned love for yourself
and then you will see the world that others live in and how they are managing to be happy hopefully
or not whether they be hungry, needing
these are parts of needing to look outside of yourself only knowing from from what you have learned can you see outside of yourself completely
without judgment

that’s wonderful thank you

may we ask you about the significance of this eclipse as well

it is just a magnificent display of energies
there will be distortions of energies upon your planet as you call it
your mother
it can disturb because you have so much energy flowing
it’s a simple energy you are flowing
and it is easy to disrupt it
so be aware of that
there are those that are very energized at this time
and those that will be bothered by it
headaches, skin irritations,
as if walking through a heavier air

Even if you see it or see it not
it matters not
there is an effect upon all of your planet
the time to take a deep breath
the time to move forward
but know the time exists not in spirit
but we see it as just being
just learning the physical experience
the energy affects you
it recharges you
it might distort you for a bit
but always will bring you to a greater awareness of your being

Sometimes human beings turn this… try to turn these kinds of events into something that there’s some other significance to them
and is there any truth to that

I am sure that at some point in all beings evolution they wanted to do something that aroused a feeling within them of fear
it seems to be a wanted state to experience it as if you have a buildup of energy that can only be released by being frightened or using up the adrenaline of fear to run
we find it an unnecessary expense of energy
but yes there’ll be those that will have some doom around this natural occurrence
actually it is more than natural
it is a needed element within the entire system of planetary
all beings must go through these signs
it is an important place to be

so I naively ask
is there significance for the sun and the moon to have this happen

The sun is the great energy battery of your system
it has helped the evolution of the physical component of the spiritual evolution
necessary for the cells to work
for carbon to be the main element of your physical world
the moon
as pretty as you might see it
is a leftover from an explosion
caught up in the sphere of the planet
creation can be a messy thing

but thank goodness it happened
thank God it happened

I like your words, yes

I often look up at the moon and say thank you
because without the moon we wouldn’t be here in the way that we are now

it has a wonderful pull upon all things
it moves your tides
it denounce changing of time
and affects the very fibers of all beings
for it is close to your planet


It gets between you and your sun and your other planets


Is there more to this than you would be able to share with me at this time

A freak accident or a wonderful purpose

One in the same

There are no accidents

yes, of course

We have some questions that were sent in through Jane’s website and I would want to be able to ask those so we didn’t run out of time with you
is it okay if I ask those now


Thank you…


May I ask you
if we wanted to share some information with others about how to connect with their Spirit Guides what would you suggest

Well, [laughter] firstly I will say how happy that would make your Spirit Guides
because their main job
for lack of a better word
is you
and that they would be most willing to do your bidding
but you need to do one thing that’s very important
that’s asking
by you’re asking
you are doing great growth for yourself there
you are honoring your being
by loving yourself enough to help ask for help from this amazing loving energy that is with you
so firstly understand they love you completely
and you need only ask
now to communicate
truly you’re going to have to develop it
a conversation with them somehow
through some means is comfortable for you
more so than for them
for they’ll be able to fulfill anything you ask for that way you
it could be it first say
please show me a sign
and say to yourself
let it be a confirmation sign
which would be
I would ask a question is this right or wrong
and if it’s right
I would see a…
I don’t know… a…
you don’t have ha’pennies anymore
pennies, a coin of some sort
a bird
a butterfly
something that is
something that you would see that would be
even something unusual
that you would see it as a confirmation
they often begin that way
other times when you ask a question
you might feel a tingling on your skin
an understanding
you may not hear words
like you would hear vocal cords
like I’m getting this opportunity to speak with them
you may not hear words like that through your ears
but you might hear words or impressions through your heart
and that often comes as prickling of your skin or warm feeling or perhaps a warm touch upon your cheek
that could be how they will communicate with you
your choice
be patient
one the most important things
which I do find that most of the species of human are very impatient right now
you have evolved yourselves to a place of wanting instant answers and instant relief
and even though an issue may have taken a long time to occur
you want an instant answer
so be patient
be very very patient
don’t give up
there no giving up
it’s just you are a spiritual being
and you have spiritual guides
and assistants
whichever you wish to call them
some people say
I had a little hunch
call your guide a little hunch
if you wish
it does not matter to them
they will love you no matter what
if you have
if you do hear a word like…
you know a guide will sometimes speak to you in a way that is very important to listen to
that could be
if you go into a place or a room and you feel
it’s, it’ll be short and sweet
like leave
don’t go
pay attention to that
cause that’s them working through you very quickly to help you
if you have been asked a question of to do something and you hear from them
again not perhaps through your ears
but through your being
then listen to that
and follow through
or if it’s a yes
listen to that and follow it through
if you have evolved to the place where you are open and asking
you must receive what is being given to you
you can’t start denying it all over again how frustrating is that not only for yourself but for others
don’t get a message when something say oh that’s just nonsense if you don’t wish to say it out loud then write it down someplace and keep a record of what you’re hearing you might take a little while before you trust in all of your messages you’re receiving
don’t lack trust in your spirit guide
but you might lack trust in what you are receiving
you will find a way to communicate
that is their one job
not this the communication is to help you
and they will step in and help you whether you ask or not but it’ll happen more frequently and much easier if you do ask for help
they will honor you
and be completely with you

And when someone asks for help from their spirit guides
do they have to say it out loud or…
a spirit guide can hear your thoughts
that is often confused with a being that is stuck in between lifetimes that has transitioned from body into just spirit and they are what you would call what you call a ghost or spirit that’s not what a spirit guide is
that is they can hear your thoughts
a ghost cannot hear your thoughts
they think they’re still alive and doing their thing
A spirit guide it’s not a ghost it’s not nearly never a relative or someone you have known
though there are beings that will stay with you that have loved you a long time and they are nothing to be afraid of to
they cannot hear your thoughts
the only beings that can hear your thoughts are
Mother Energy
your Spirit Guides
the spirit that you are made of

Right, and as I’ve heard you said before they’re not judging you for your thoughts


But they’re here to be loving and to assist you

They don’t see you like a body
they see you as a light first
and they see all the magnificent parts within that energy light that is what you might call it an aura
that is that is the working part that your spirit guide works with
Uh huh

And so to practice this we could ask questions of our Spirit Guides and then would we want to meditate or


Sit and quietly wait for for the reply
what could be some ways to practice

Well you could do all of that but I believe you’d be a lot happier if you just continue on with your daily doing things
you don’t have to sit on a mountaintop to communicate with Spirit Guides
no, their purpose is to help you live
how to help you work
how to help you walk
some Spirit guides love to even sing with you
that some, some people receive just hearing the words of a song
that is quite interesting
that’s a way of communicating
the myriad ways that they can communicate
and don’t
it’s not so structured as you might think
many beliefs and many understandings say that you have to do all these certain conformities to make things work
it was never that way
and if some people need it to that way
then that’s all right let them go that way
but it isn’t a necessity
there is no rule book on how to speak with your guides
maybe there should be
maybe that would make things easier
something that we could Channel
we could hand it out with each birth
here you take your book with you my dear
oh that be deliciously wonderful
okay well thank you very much that’s wonderful information
I love you my dear
I love you too, thank you

circles circles circles
lights within lights
well that was incredible thank you Jane
Bless you
That’s so interesting
I have to tell this before I forget it
when I first started
all I could see was the circles from the lights
you know those imprints on your eyelids
I don’t know where it is but you know you can always see they were all over the place
that all disappeared
it really disappeared
and then coming back it was totally dark
and then I open my eyes it’s like there they are
but isn’t that weird that
that impression didn’t stay

it’s my own little thoughts for the day
psychic medium thoughts
Today’s thought
you know the impression on your
it’s like an SNL, right

Just a big joke all of it
Well did I have this
have I turned whiskey into wine
no no whatever
While you were channeling they put their finger in and now
is it gin
no, I wish
That was really interesting
I have a feeling that a lot of it is filled with snoring
cause Rocket was just going to town
and he was over there for a little while and really just snoring like crazy so I picked him up and I put him in the bedroom for a sec but he really does just want to be right here and
That’s alright
He was so deeply sleeping
But, it was incredible, yeah
I think it adds a human element to it all
I really do
let’s not get too over ourselves here
you know
this is the real world
and Rocket is part of it
There’s not many Mediums out there doing videos with snoring dogs

and isn’t that wonderful
I think it is
Was he snoring like that
Louder too
And it’s always interesting that some
well I shouldn’t say always
but sometimes when someone has asked
you know
a more serious question
and then as the guide is about to say something really serious to them
Rocket just lets out the longest snore around it
or you know you ask the question and then there’s a sn-oooo-or-rrr-e
and then and sometimes I wonder if the guides are waiting


For it to subside so that…
Okay now I can speak
it’s just, it’s so interesting

But Guides have never complained about it have they

I mean in in our experience whenever I say oh that’s too bad about Rocket or whatever
they’re like, you know
they’re certainly not mad at you
but they’re like you know that blessed being it’s wonderful he’s here and you know it wouldn’t change a thing is more say…

Yeah, I love that story about you being told to go and get him out of.. he was upstairs

Oh yeah, I’ll never forget that
when he was in the crate upstairs


And the Guide was just
and you could kind of hear Rocket whining
and they said will you please let that blessed being out of that crate and let him come downstairs, it was so fantastic
I mean no one would have believed it except that the room was full, you know, there were six or seven people there at the time
it was pretty cool

Well, that was wonderful

– – –

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In a deep state of self-hypnosis, Psychic Medium Jane Kennard Channels Spirit Guides to answer questions from those who ask.

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