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Do you have any suggestions for me that would help connect me to my Guides?

This person says she has been working on connecting to her Spirit Guides this past year and isn’t receiving any feedback. She asks, “Do you have any suggestions for me that would help connect me to my Guides?”

Here is what the Guides shared in their message:

Dearest one, what a beauty you are. You want this communication and so you must try to find a form. But perhaps you have been trying to make them communicate through only one way and they wish it to be a different way for you. Why not begin a series of tests. Ask for some confirmation of things in different forms. Ask them to show you in different ways that they are there with you. You might start with something as simple as a visit from a bee or a bird, or to hear a song, or a word. And if these come repeatedly to you, then that can be a form of information, whether it be through a creature, a word, or a song.

And then as you trust in it, and grow in your comfort level with it, it will get better and better and soon you will not have to limit it to one form for them to tell you they are with you. For you will understand that they are always with you, eager to help you. It is important that you be the one asking the questions. They will not do the work for you, my dear. It is not as if making wishes. It is as if forming a communication, a union, with a great love that wishes only to help your growth.

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