Listening to pain in the body

K asks about a pain and hardening in the right leg that is causing discomfort.  She says, “What is the cause and how can I heal this problem and prevent it from happening again? It is a simple issue or significant? I am very active and love to run. Will it aggravate this issue if I continue to be so active? Thanks and love.”

Pain is a message that a body is trying to convey to the conscious brain and then, in turn, to the spirit. A communion is needed–not so much your leg to your soul, but your whole body needs to stop and be still for a while. Do not push through these things. That is not the way to address pain, you must hear it.

You have already been to several different places and they are giving you their different advice as to what the problem is. And, you are not happy with any of them. And so, you need to ask your body what it is trying to say? Are you perhaps not hearing that it wants to not run? You do not want to hear that. Why do you run so, my dear?  Walking is an amazing thing. You can run at any time but be sure that walking is achieved without pain. Love your body my child. The deep pain within this leg does speak to you. Listen to it. You are hearing the answers even if you don’t want to.

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