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Money Is Simply A Tool, An Extension Of Learning

As part of a question sent in through my website, a young woman expressed concern about her finances.

This was the Guide’s message to her:

This entity has great stress on her Being and tries always to have control of every situation. That nothing be left unattended. It is a vibration of fear within this Being that echoes above her at this time. She needs to be at peace within. She has great trust in self but not often in others. She must bring herself to the vibrational state of peace and calm to fill the vibrational void that is around her. She often feels very alone. She is very creative. There is nothing that can not be accomplished. Tell her to center, to be one with her truth, and all shall fall in place.

Money is simply a tool, an extension of learning. It is often given a persona in your physical world. It is these shadows that people put over them that limit or unlimit what they have or need. She fears at this time that it shall not be. Trust that it shall. She has the ability to create all that is needed. It is often thought that it is just the words, but it is truly the integration at the center of the Being. The vibration must be in accordance with the desire.

How to do it? By realizing that money is an extension of that that you are. Be it love. Be it light. If you are holding back, then it shall not come to you.

If you are free and open, then it shall be there for you.

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