Stepping Into Communication With Your Spirit Guides

I read your book, and I hear what you’re saying. I’m still not quite sure. How do I bring this understanding that there are Guides for me into my daily life?

Jane Kennard’s Reply
I hope… it is my highest desire, that the my little book is a key to unlock your wonder of knowing and stepping into communication with your Guide.

You are already having a spiritual life. That’s what we’re all doing. Being in communication with your Guides, I think at one time in our evolution, we probably communicated all the time with them. But we have lost that through our society’s need to control and, oh, I don’t know, society’s need to control over masses of people. I don’t know.

I don’t have the reason why we lost it. But my little book is a key. I tried not to talk too much because I think sometimes we explain too much and don’t leave enough space and room to grow. Humans… they are spirits in bodies that need room. We’re way too tight and have fit everybody into expectations of how you should and shouldn’t be.

You are not alone ❤️

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