My prayer for everyone tonight is to feel the love from every heart they have loved and been loved by. The bonds we create with loved ones never die. They become stronger. They strengthen us, holding us when we miss them. Especially at Christmas, there will be an empty space that they filled so wonderfully. Memories are an amazing healing energy. Try to hear their voice and remember the good times. A phone call, a laugh. Don’t be afraid to feel them close. The ache in your heart is the wonder of love.

Know they are there. Yes, I talk to them. You can too. Tell them how you are and that you wish you had more time with them. Embrace the bond of love you have.

Our family experiences all sorts of signs of communication from loved ones. Lights on and off, symbols of their presence. We now all just feel, “Yes, we’re all together. ”

We miss them. We love them. They are not gone.


You are not alone

Video by Kirsten Pierce