Spirit guides Liquid Sapphire – I would earnestly like to know any information my guides think would benefit me most at this time. I feel stuck in many areas I’m trying to progress in. A couple are doing well and in others I’m very stagnant.

Additionally if they have any suggestions as to methods to try to communicate with them I’d be most appreciative. Meditation and writing so far have not been fruitful. Thank you kindly.

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Well, my dearest one. Do not be so angry with yourself. Meditation, writing not fruitful? Impossible. They were fruitful. Everything you do is. They have a vibrational effect on you. You are a vibration that is of a different element than many that surround you, so you’re often going to feel like you’re a round peg in a square hole. How to move through this is to find for yourself what is the right mode in which to communicate—not only with the entities of spirit, but with the people in your life.

You often think they’re all against you; they’re not. They are very supportive of you, but they don’t understand your needs. But you do.  I know it will take time for you to be able to trust, to seek their attendance, but this can be.

Writing is a wonderful method for you. You have an amazing mind, brain, intellect. Did you know that your entire dimension at this time—that the minds of those that are evolving quickly are doing it in leaps and bounds.

So be not afraid perhaps to even just move forms. Ask assistance of spirit to help enlighten you in a way that isn’t expected.  You’re trying to narrow your vision and limit your view. Widen it, blessed one.

Make scribbles, circles, sing and chant. In your meditation do not control your mind but free it. Let things drift through your thoughts, visualize your beings of light coming to you. And wait. Don’t be impatient. You are not alone.