Spirit guides and angels, who are they and how are they with us?

Each of you has beings that help you. Whether you choose to speak with them or not, they are there.

Yes, I was hoping to ask about spirit guides and who they are, and how are they with us. How is that decided?

Well, if you’re a brand new soul you don’t really want to decide anything much, but you land in this amazing place because there is a great push to be here, to grow. And there are beings that are (well, for lack of a better word)… assigned to you. And, I have to say they don’t come willingly.

The guides don’t?

No. For new souls, they’re wondrously beautiful–but they are such a pain! They love to do everything the hard way. They can’t possibly learn by just watching and seeing. They have to feel everything, do everything, be in the middle of all the muck. Bless them; they are learning and growing.

And, then as you evolve you get to know your guides or entities or angels or whatever you wish to call them. You may not remember while you are in the physical but as soon as you slip out of it—there’s your welcome party. And some will stay with you for many, many lifetimes. They are not necessarily anyone you’ve known in the physical world, but they can be. They grow, by you growing.

You see, none of us are finished. You all have a wonderful group of beings with you. They dwell in the dimension that I can dwell in. There are many dimensions. But, don’t worry about all those things.

Right now, your world, it needs your attention. Great movement is at hand. You can alleviate a lot of the trauma and chaos by paying attention. By speaking your truth. What is your truth? It is who you are. Not who others believe you are; you, the essence. Yes, part of the thinking you, but the heart is the greatest you. Being that in these times of great chaos, speaking, putting your hand out to help one, this is the task of the angels. I speak too much perhaps. Old beings do that.


Photo by Josh Applegate, Unsplash


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